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This page has been changed for new information.  Below you can see each web page for items which are real
US GI items.  Today almost all the items online and at gun shows are junk being made in China and India.  Many
items will not work properly and some will not work over 1 year.  If you purchase real US GI items for your
Rifle or Pistol, those items will usually work for 15 to 25 years.  They are a lot better than that junk which is


                      If you want to see the page for the  M1 and M14 Rifles, Click Here.                M1 & M14 Rifles

                    If you want to see the page for the M1 Carbine , Click Here.                               Carbine

                    If you want to see the page for the 1903, 1903A3, Click Here.                               03 Springfield

                   If you want to see the page for the 1911A1 Pistol, Click Here.                                 .45 Auto

                   If you want to see the Class 3 Items, Click Here.                                                      Class 3 Items

              If you want to see many types of Collectable Items, Click Here.                            Collectors' Corner

              If you want to see the information about PS Magazines, Click Here.                      PS Magazine CD

              If you want to see the actual PS Magazines, Click Here.                                          PS Magazine Sales

            This page is History Page that shows you what items are real and who made them.  Histories

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