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M1903, 03A3 Springfield Rifle

I do not have an online shopping cart. Once installed, that piece of software will automatically bill each customer for everything. As I run out of original material, I am constantly having to change customers' orders. Most orders would require more work issuing credits. If I were selling newly made items, online clearance of credit cards would not present a problem. All credit card and contact information is on each page. You can call in your credit card, email it, or send it by mail.

No shipments outside the US.

610-298-2748 Phone 

Hours:  Monday through Thursday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Eastern Time Zone 

To contact me via email

Minimum Order is $20.00
in Merchandise. Checks, Money Orders, and Credit
Cards accepted methods of payment. 

Minimum $7.50

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$30.00 - $39.99...$9.00

$40.00 - $49.99...$10.00

$50.00 or higher $11.00

Alaska and Hawaii higher rates may apply.

Pennsylvania residents must include 6% State Sales Tax.

I am not set up for Paypal. I have my own Credit Card Clearance Account.


All inquiries must be by phone or email. Sorry but I do not have time to answer letters or faxed inquiries.



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YS1  Band Spring, stamped, new in grease (R marked)…   Sold Out

I had run out of Band, Stacking Swivel two years ago.  Recently I looked in one of my
buildings and found the items I had.  See below.

YS2  Band, Stacking Swivel, 03A3 and 03A4, with swivel and screw, assembled.
Packed at San Antonio Arsenal in 1945, these are all originals and were both
Remingtons, Smith Corona, and RS markings.  PHOTO
All are new WWII, in original preservative grease. I will show the ones available. Be careful because most of these items online are all fakes made in China.  When you have real items,
you will have a variety of different makers, different colors, and some are well used.  When the
company has all new ones, each one is the same, and they have no packaging showing the
maker, they are all fakes.

YS2A  These are a very few I have which were made by Smith Corona (SC). 
These are very rare and very hard to find.  All of the SC have no markings and have slightly different colors.  Here is the package from the SC Stacking Swivels. You will see two of them because the marking were hard to see for just one.  Below is the items that were in the package.  PHOTO  The Smith Corona have two different makings I have seen in these military containers.  Most of them have a black stacking swivel and band.   I did some research and found that Smith Corona had early blackish bands. The gray bands were made in 1944 and was not Parkerized that was made later.  Here is the complete SC item, which is very hard to find.  This is not the fake junk from China. Mine are all early black items.  PHOTO These all have storage grease, so the item are black when we remove the grease.  $40.00 each. Just a few left, about 6 or 7.  By the way, the SC have no markings on them so the fakers will be happy to make many of them. 

YS2B  The Remington I have also, but like the SC, not many left.  These items are original WWII and I also have the Remington Stacking Swivels. These are the R markings of these items.  PHOTO  The Stacking Swivel for the Band is just 13.50 each.  The complete Stacking Swivel Band for Remimgton is $35.00 each.  All the Remingtons are colored in black. PHOTO Below you can see about the Remington RS Stacking Swivel Band and Stacking Swivels.  The Remington has several different R markings on them.  I do not show the different markings because those making the faked Remington items will like to see all of them so they could put all the different ones on them. There are 3 to 5 different markings on the Remingtons. I do not tell the number. 

YS2C  RS marked Stacking Swivel, Remington. This item will be shown for two different types.
Some are just the Swivel, others are the complete Stacking Swivel Band.  Here is the early version of the RS Swivel.  PHOTO  These Stacking Swivels are $12.00 each.  They were made around 1943 to 1944.  The complete Stacking Swivel Band with RS markings are very rare.  This batch is not the WWII items. These items were sold at the Rock Island Arsenal around the early 1960's.   Rock Island used the RS Swivels with lower bands that were parkerized.  PHOTO  This item is a lot less than the WWII items, which are hard to find.  This item will work perfect for those that shoot the 1903A3.  $25.00 each.

YS2D  This batch was also worked at Rock Island Arsenal.  These batch is all Smith Corona  Bands, but they were parkerized by Rock Island and do not look like the WWII item due to the different colors and all of the work they did on them.  They were parkerized because in that time, parkerized was considered to last a longer amount of time.  They are perfect and will work for those that want for shooting a Smith Corona 1903A3.  This will not work for a collector resoration. All these real items will work for 15 to 20 years, not like the Chine junk that will not fit, or will not work in a year.  PHOTO  $25.50 each

YS3  Screw, Stacking Swivel, 03 only …………  $2.50

Y1    Screw, Front Band, (Bay. Lug) 03 only …   $3.50

Y2    Screw, Front Band, (Bay Lug) 03A3 only    $3.50

Y3    Butt Swivel, Milled, Pre WWII, unmarked, dark black.
  $12.00 each

Y3A  Butt Swivel, Stamped, Blackish Blue, WWII, unmarked.
PHOTO  This item is
Sold Out.  I do have a few well used ones. They are not completely black like the other ones that are sold out.  These have been used for a few years and have some of the color gone. Email me and I will let you know what I have left.  The Milled ones above are better to use and a brand new.  

Y4    Butt Swivel, Stamped, refinished sold out  

Y5    Cut Off,  Magazine……………....….         $15.00

Y6    Cut Off Plunger original WWII, light finish, not
parkerized, nor blued. PHOTO  $2.50 each
Pack of 25 for $50.00

Y6a  Cut Off Plunger, commercial made, blackish/blue $2.00 each

Y7    Cut Off Spring ……………………………    .50

Y8    Cut Off Spindle …………………………..  $4.00

Y9    Cut Off Screw Commercially made…....... $2.00 

Y10  Extractor, Bolt, WWII production.  These extractors are new in the grease. They will work with the 1903, 1903A3 and 1903A4.  PHOTO  $12.00 Each

Y10a Extractor, Bolt, with hole, original blackish blue
finish as found on bolts from WWI 1903 thru the
1920's. These are not the fake being made all over
the internet.  PHOTO 
All are real................................... $22.00

Y11  Ejector ……………………………………. $5.00

Y12  Ejector Pin ………………………………..  $2.50

Y14  Follower, Stamped.
        R marked, Remington Parkerized     
        PHOTO  Marking PHOTO...............……   $9.50

        Follower, unmarked, Parkerized..............    $9.50
        Follower, Original Blued, R marked, Remington,
        great for restoration.         PHOTO  ........  $17.00

Y15 Follower Spring WWII...............................    $6.50

Y16  Floor plate  inquire availability…………...   ----

Y17  Floor plate Catch 03 only…………………  ----

Y18  Floor plate Catch Spring and Pin,/ set 03..   $2.00

Y19  Front Sight Cover (Protector). Recently opened several "packed for storage" depot packs.  All are US GI, no repros. PHOTO
 Remington marked with Ordnance Bomb and "R"  Sold Out
WWII Contract, produced by Gotham Manufacturing. $20.00
Unmarked, early production (Pre WWII) .................   Sold Out
Used sight cover, ideal for those who want to refinish their rifle. Our choice of maker/marking...................................... Sold Out

Hand Guards 03 and 03A1 Only   All hand guards are new, unused, US GI. I do not sell wooden hand guards made in India.    SAMPLE

I recently consolidated all the three different hand guards to make is easy for those who want just shooters, versus those that want to restore. Different time periods have different characteristics like circular versus notched windage knob cut and long versus short sight groove. This image shows the different sight grooves. PHOTO

The hand guards are as follows:

WWII Replacement
PHOTO  $12.00 ea

Long Groove, Circular Knob Cut


WWII Remington
Replacement Parts Contract, (Not A3)
03A1 $15.00

Long Groove, Notched Cut


Many will use the items above but collectors might want the original packaging, showing that Remington made the 03 (03A1) Hand Guards.  Each package has two Remington Hand Guards inside. I have only a few of these as most of the Remington Hard Gards were packed inside the other 03 Hand Guards, 100 to a package. Here is the Remington pack of 2.  PHOTO  Here are the Remington Markings.  PHOTO  This proves that these are real items.  In the future the large companies will be making this stuff in India and many will claim that they are real military.   Remington 03 Hand Guards are not easy to find.  I had less then 100 of them and I originally got on bid over 4,000 of the Hand Guards. That was circa 1987-90. Today I do not have nearly as many as most were sold off to other dealers. And that was about 25 years ago. For those that are collectors of real stuff, this pack of 2 Remington 03 Hand Guards.  Sold Out

Y22  Rear Sight Aperture (Slide) 03 rear sight,
Ordnance Part # B146893    .......…………$6.00

Y23a  Rear Sight Spring, 03  Ordnance Part #B128424,
          (tighten up leafs)….………$3.00

Y24    Sear ………………...……..…………   $7.00

Y25    Sear Spring ………………………     $2.00

Y26    Sear Pin …………………………...   Sold Out

Y27    Screw, Trigger Guard, Front Screw, this one is the smaller size. This batch was packed up in 1945 and this are original WWII items.  PHOTO   $2.50 each. 

Y28    Screw, Trigger Guard, Rear, large version.  This batch was made by
Springfield Armory in 1952 to 53.  I used to have several packages of 50 in each one.
I have only 20 or 30 left and the packages are gone.  These are originals US GI.
$4.00 each. I have no junk being made in China or India.  On Line everything are made there and at gun shows that happed too. 

Y30    Striker  (Firing Pin)…………………...   $8.00
Y30A  Striker (Firing Pin) Remington blackish
            blue, marked R ..................................  
Sold Out

Y31    Striker Sleeve …………………….   $5.00

Y32A  Striker Rod, (Firing Pin Rod) specify which one:
           Shooter Best Grade, Chromed Rear or Front to prevent damage and
           ware  PHOTO
........... $10.00

 Y32B   Historic Collector Grade, Standard Button Machine Co., this one has
             the best shown label.  Not all are aligned like this one, but all can be
             read. PHOTO.  All I have opened are marked BS, not SB. 
             PHOTO $25.00

  Y32C  Remington, Parkerized PHOTO.  All are marked R  PHOTO  $20.00

  Y32D Miscellaneous Item, Blued or Parkerized, our choice,
             WWII replacement, great for shooter use.  $8.50

Y34    Bolt Mainspring  (firing pin spring). Many different reproduction versions have been produced over the years. Some work ok, others are hard to assemble. These are original WWII production by Remington. Still sealed in original packaging. PHOTO  Why not buy originals.  $4.50 each   3 or more $4.00 each.

Y35    Bolt Sleeve (safety housing) Part#C45033.. $12.00 stripped

Y40A    Screw, Butt Plate, Small $2.50 each.  This batch is from 1952 and 1966.  This screw fits both 03A3, M1 Rifle, and M1 Carbine.

Y40B    Screw, Butt Plate, Large.  This one is in original packaging from Remington.  This one and the small one lock on the butt plate.  PHOTO  Most you will see are junk being made in India.  This is original.  $4.00 Each, in original WWII package.

Y41    Pin, Trigger ………………………    2.00

Y42    Pin, Ft Sight Blade, 03A3 only. Now you can purchase originals, so why purchase recently made.  $1.50 Each.  Not the junk being made in India, these are real items from WWII.  PHOTO

Y44    Front Sight Screw for 03 dovetail........   Sold Out  
The Above Part Y44  was recently reproduced for me.

Y45    03A3 front sight base,  Remington, marked with an R............$7.00  

Y46    03A3 front sight base, unmarked for Smith Corona..........$10.00

Y49  Bolt, complete, New, WWII Manufactured components.   Sold Out

I do have just 3 or 4 original Brand New, WWII, Remington 03A3 bolts, 
complete with all Remington markings on the parts.  The bolts and parts
are black and not parkerized. They were in a package from Rock Island
dated 1945. The top part called a Safety Lock is not black.  It is slightly
gray, but it is not the late Parkerizing that was done after WWII. It probably
was an item made in 1944. It has Remington marking, and was put on the Bolts. 
Complete Remington Bolt is $125.00  Just 3 or 4 left.

 03, 03A3 Accessories

F1    Cleaning Kit, complete with thong and brush,
produced just after adoption of rifle, and again
in WWI.  Nickel plated brass. May have slight
        dents  and nickel may be pealing....... $30.00

F2    Thong, Brass, also known as a "Pull Through". Shown in this photo is the nomenclature item with the tag attached. Usually one was packed with the tag  for ease of identification in case of damage to the crate or its markings.   PHOTO All will be shipped from this crate of 2000 manufactured during WWII. PHOTO Nomenclature tag is not for sale.  However the other 1999 are available.  $10.00 ea

A9   Case, Thong and Brush, otherwise known as the plastic oiler.
PHOTO Produced during WWII.  I have a small quantity of originals. All have that aged sheen that comes from being 60+ years old.  PHOTO  There may minor imperfections like a bent dipper, scratches, or oil inside.  $20.00 each (best value for the money) 


I have a very small quantity of like new at $30.00 each. Available complete with the actual WWII produced short brush with brass bristles and a brass thong assy.
These are not the current reproductions from the Third World.  

A11  Patches for the 1903 and 1903A3&A4, M1 Rifle and Carbine, and M14.  These patches are not the new made junk from India.  I now everybody calls these as Patches but when these were patched, the Army put a different name on them that I do not know about.  These were packed in 1953, and some were WWII.  PHOTO  Each large box has 100 containers inside.  PHOTO  Each container I have opened has 20 patches inside and they are used on the Cleaning Rods used for almost everything, except the 50 Caliber Class 3 guns.  Those patches are a lot larger. PHOTO  Each pack of patches is $3.00 and 10 packs are $25.00  Again, not of this stuff is junk from India, which is all over the internet.

F3    M1916 Barrack Cleaning Rod, BRASS with aluminum football shaped handle.  One piece rod used with M1920 arms racks.  Mint condition ….................................……….$45.00      

F4    M1923 Aiming Device, used with 03 and A1 only.  Slides on leaf to project firer’s line of sight to his right for coach’s aid. 
Mint condition….................……..  $35.00

  Sniper Scope Items:

A22  Sniper’s Scope Carrying Case, M65,
pictured in TM 9-1275 of 1947, so it is assumed to be
WWII production. Listed for M73B1, M81, M82
telescopes................................              $35.00

A23  M65 Sniper’s Scope Carrying Case,
early Korean War manufactured, marked MRT 1951
for M81 and M82 with the M1C.......         $30.00

See Photo for A22 Top and A23 Bottom

A24  Nylon Carrying Case, "Poor Man's Sniper Scope
Carrying Case".  This nylon case is US GI.  Although it had other uses, it is useable as a cheap carrying case for a sniper scope and mounting system.  The flap is held closed with Velcro.
Shown here with a large commercial scope with a commercial M1-A mount. PHOTO  .................................         $ 5.00 each

A27 Sniper's Scope Carrying Case Ordnance Part
Number 7631596, produced 1952. Due to dimensions
this case has a unique application. It is listed for the
M81, M82, or M84 with the 03A4 base. It will not
fit the M1D.............................             $35.00

A28 Sniper's Scope Carrying Case Ordnance Part
Number 7631596, produced 1953. Width of above
case (A27) was increased by approx. 1/2 inch under a
drawing revision. Only case to fit all the telescopes
with the M1D mount attached. This is the only case
for use with the M1D. This case is loam green and
 if left in the sun will fade to mustard yellow.....            $50.00

See Photo for A27 Top and A28 Bottom


      All parts not specified will work in both 03 & A3

            *At times we have various collector bolts.  Email for availability

Trigger Guards, 03A3, 03A4

I have a small quantity of 03A3/A4 trigger guards. There is plenty of choice to choose from. Most are parkerized light gray to dark gray. Please understand I cannot guarantee color. The cost of sorting by color would double the prices shown below. If color is important I recommend you search the gun shows in your local area where you can see what is available.

I have no plans to refinish these. I prefer to keep them just as they were released on a government sale. Most have some slight bright spots from wear but overall the finish is approximately 75% - 90%. Bright spots appear but mostly on the outside of the "loop".

Click on the blue text to visualize what is being explained.

The trigger guards have certain characteristics depending upon period and maker. Reinforcing bends for strength are located near the Front Guard Screw well. Straight were used on Remington, curved were used on Smith Corona.

Both contractors produced guards in early and late configuration. The change to a larger "Loop" for clearance with heavy gloves determines early versus late manufacture.

Remington and Smith Corona produced guards with "Pads". A pad is a piece of steel welded into the front of the guard, which distributes the force over a larger area. This eliminates the guard digging into the stock which hurts accuracy. The guards with pads are not plentiful. They are preferred by shooters and those restoring 03A4's.

For a quick tutorial on a comparison of US GI versus reproduction trigger guards, click here


Guard Type

Screw Wells



Remington Early Small Loop Straight   $25.00
Remington Late Large Loop Straight   SOLD
Remington Early

Small Loop


Blue, well used condition


Remington Late

Large Loop


Blue approx. 70% finish







Every item sold is guaranteed to function as originally designed.  Items purchased which do not function as originally designed, will be replaced at no charge to the customer.  Items purchased for uses different than they were originally designed, will void the guarantee, and those sales are final.  Returned items must be in the same condition as when shipped and any alteration will void our guarantee. Call or email if in doubt, we are here to help.

Items purchased and then returned due to customer error will result in a restocking charge of 25%. 

In the event that item brings the total purchase below our minimum order, a $5.00 charge will be applied to the credit due.  Items returned for replacement due to customer error may result in addition shipping charges.

Sorry but I cannot sell parts based upon color requests.  Nobody on the internet can match their parts with your rifle, which is hundreds of miles away.  Ask and it will be recommended you attend a gun show with those items you want to match and compare them with what is available for sale.

All items for return must be tendered to the returning carrier within one week of receipt by customer.  We recommend high value items be returned via UPS to our return address on the shipping label.  

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