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I do not have an online shopping cart. Once installed, that piece of software will automatically bill each customer for everything. As I run out of original material, I am constantly having to change customers' orders. Most orders would require more work issuing credits. If I were selling newly made items, online clearance of credit cards would not present a problem. All credit card and contact information is on each page. You can call in your credit card, email it, or send it by mail.

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610-298-2748 Phone  
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Hours:  Monday through Thursday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Minimum Order is $20.00
in Merchandise. Checks, Money Orders, and Credit Cards accepted methods of payment. 

Shipping Charges:

Minimum $7.50

$23.01 - $30.00...$8.00

$30.01 - $39.99...$9.00

$40.00 - $49.99...$10.00

$50.00 or higher $11.00
Alaska and Hawaii higher rates may apply.

Pennsylvania residents must include 6% State Sales Tax.

I am not set up for Paypal. I have my own Credit Card Clearance Account


All inquiries must be by phone or email. Sorry but I do not have time to answer letters or faxed inquiries.















610-298-2748 Phone  
484-229-1119 Fax

Hours:  Monday through Thursday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Eastern Time Zone 

To contact me via email  CLICK HERE

Minimum Order is $20.00
in Merchandise. Checks, Money Orders, and Credit Cards accepted methods of payment. 

Shipping Charges:

Minimum $7.50

$23.01 - $30.00...$8.00

$30.01 - $39.99...$9.00

$40.00 - $49.99...$10.00

$50.00 or higher $11.00
Alaska and Hawaii higher rates may apply.

Pennsylvania residents must include 6% State Sales Tax.

I am not set up for Paypal. I have my own Credit Card Clearance Account.

All inquiries must be by phone or email. Sorry but I do not have time to answer letters or faxed inquiries.




W1   Band  Retaining Spring, late issue.  This spring eliminates the
WII problems in retaining the band.  Date shows it was developed in 1949, but       internal packing shows 1952 production. New in package PHOTO  ......$7.00 each      Gunsmith and Parts Dealer special.   Pack of 10...............$45.00

 W2   Band, Late WWII MfgBay Lug   $25.00

W2A Band, 1952 Production, Bay Lug by C Cowles & Company.  This company made the Bayonet Lugs for Winchester during WWII.  This is not the Winchester from WWII, but it has a similar C marking in a different location. PHOTO  This is the latest design and best quality.  All have mid gray parkerizing. Not many were made and these are less available than the WWII Bayonet Lugs.  PHOTO   $30.00 each

 W3 Butt Plate, original US GI, not a Chinese repro.  These were
 packed by SA in 1953. 
PHOTO   Each Butt Plate is still packed in US GI WWII  Grease.        PHOTO   Sold Out

W5   Buttplate screw WWII Vintage .  $2.50

W6  Ejector assy, assembled, these are originals with squared edge made for Rock Island in 1969.       PHOTO兤6.00

W6A Ejector assy, asembled, these are originals with rounded edge made in 1953.

W6B  Ejector Springs.  I have learned that some have been broken during use.  The Army had ejector springs in storage to either make new ones, or repair the springs that cracked. This photo shows a pack of two.  PHOTO  If you have one that is damaged or want to have one incase it goes bad, this one from 1973 is just $2.00 each.  This pack of two is just $3.00.  See down below for the 1952 batches in larger containers.

W7  Extractor 充妮bsp;  $25.00

W8  Extractor Spring & Plunger/ set 쳰an style="mso-spacerun: yes">  $5.00

W8a  Firing Pin 充兮.Ḯ00
W8b  Firing Pin, Rockola ..........................
Sold Out

W9    Gas Piston Nut 充12.00

W9a  Gas Piston, orig GI, not Korean, used serviceable       $12.00
 W10  Hand Guard for the M3 Sniper Carbine  only.   PHOTO
 Some are Inland marked  PHOTO    Sold Out

      W11  Hammer Pin 充宮  $2.50

      W12  Hammer Spring Guide 充.   $7.00

      W13  Hammer Spring,, late issue, improved, new in package. PHOTO 
充弳pan style="mso-spacerun: yes">  $5.00 each
      Gunsmith and Parts Dealer Special.  Pack of 20...... $45.00

      W14  Handguard, Birch, Mfg౹69, 4 rivet
                                                            SOLD OUT

      W15  Magazine catch, M2, Revision 5, No M marking,
       History of Markings, produced 1962.  SOLD OUT

      W15a Magazine catch, M2,  M marked,
      1953 Manufactured............................................SOLD OUT

      W16  Magazine catch, M1 充宮 $5.00
      W16a Magazine catch, M1, WWII Inland,
      Marked M, Inland production code...... $8.00

      W17  Magazine  catch spring and plunger   $5.00

      W18  Safety catch spg & plngr, double ended $5.00

      W19  Safety, rotary, late issue.  I have two different contracts and will
be sending whichever is availalbe to ship.  PHOTO   PHOTO  箰0

      W21  Recoil Plate GI during 1960's   .....$15.00

      W22  Recoil Plate screw 充兮. $2.00

      W23  Recoil Spring 充充font color="#FF0000">OUT

      W24 Recoil Spring Guide..................................... $7.00

      W25  Recoil Spring Housing, tube guns only ...  $15.00

      W26  Sear, M1 充充宠$7.00

      W27  Sear, M2 充充宠 OUT

      W28  Sear Spring充充pan style="mso-spacerun: yes">  $3.00

      W29 Front Sight.

       PHOTO  These sights were produced by Rock Island Arsenal
       in 1949.  Each is marked with RIA markings.....

PHOTO These sights were produced during 1967 under a
       contract from the Army Materiel Command....  $25.00  

      W31  Sight Pin, front sight 充宮  OUT

      W33  Slide stop 充充宼o:p>OUT

      W34  Slide stop spring 充充. OUT

      W35  Stock Escutcheon (Rec. Plate Screw Nut)  $3.00

      W37  Trigger Pin充充span style="mso-spacerun: yes">  OUT

      W38  Trigger Spring 充充㰡n style="mso-spacerun: yes">  $5.00

      W39  Trigger Housing Pin 充宮   $2.00

      W40  Slide, M1, Early WWII mfg宮宼span style="mso-spacerun: yes">   OUT

      For M1A1 Carbine, Folding Stock only.  Ordnance Part No. A295794
      Grip Screw. PHOTO  Original Inland production from 1943, these
      are new, still in grease. PHOTO  $9.00 each  2/$15.00  Email
      me for stocking quantities and prices.


 Collectable Items, Original Wrap.  These items show the Dated Contracts.

     Recoil Spring Guide, in original WWII Package
      IBM  PHOTO  .....................................................$15.00
      Saginaw Steering PHOTO .................................. $25.00
      Standard Products PHOTO ...............................  $25.00

      M2 Selector Switch Spring. This item is being sold as a collector's item.  If anybody tells me they are producing an M2 Carbine, it will not be sold.  Original Inland Pack of 10 Springs.............   $35.00  Many fakes were made in Illinois about 30 years ago. If  somebody claims to have real ones, ask to see the packaging. This is not a fake.   PHOTO   

Winchester Trigger Springs.  I have only two of these and they are very hard to find.  Each package has 3 WWII Trigger Springs inside.  This is an item for a Winchester Collector.  PHOTO   $40.00 for a pack which is a very hard to find Winchester item.  As of now there is only one left. 

Inland Trigger Springs.  I have several of these and each package as 3 WWII Trigger Springs inside.  These were in storage from the Army and most of the springs have slightly cut the contain. PHOTO  $25.00 for an original pack of 3 with Inland markings on the package. 

Saginaw Steering Gear Extractor Spring.  New in the package from WWII, these items are perfect for storage.  Each package has just one spring inside.  All are like new.  $15.00 per pack.  PHOTO

Ejector Springs, originals made in 1973.  I originally got this from the owner of the company that put the springs on the Ejectors.  The springs were sent to the company by Rock Island Arsenal.  The company made up many complete packages of 25 and was ready to send them to Rock Island.  The company waited and waited because Rock Island said to hold them up.  They sent to Rock Island only a small quantity and were able to keep the rest of the springs. PHOTO You can see the contract and also the markings of the company that made the container.  None of these are that Chinese Fake Junk.  See above of this web page.

The same company made up the same items in 1969 and keep several of the completed packages. PHOTO  They company covered its name. These are not for sale, just showing you some history.

Trigger Springs, originals made in 1962.  These were received on my bidding circa 1988 or 89.  These also are original items, not the Chinese Junk which is all over the internet.  I have no Chinese Junk.  When I run out, I have no more items.  This pack of 10 original Trigger Springs is $25.00.  PHOTO  That is a good price because all the fakes are cheap and most have no real ones.  I sell them seperatedly for $5.00 each.  This is a good bargain. Not all have perfect marking because the military changed the drawing number many years later.  See the one of the right.

Ejector Springs, which long on the ejector is available.  This batch is very good quality from 1952.  PHOTO  Up on this page you can see the purchase or just one of two made in 1973.  This batch is most likely for those who repair carbines.  This container has 20 springs inside, all brand new.  $25.00 for the package of 20.00.  Just a few are available.  


D1 Trigger Spring Installation Tool, Reproduction.  Makes inserting the trigger spring into the trigger housing much easier.  PHOTO, spring and housing not included.  $5.00 each

D2s  Pocket, Magazine, Model of 1942, also known as Stock Pouch, early full back. Pouch was manufactured from 1942 thru 1944.

Specify Khaki 1942 ..................宼span class="auto-style5">
Sold out

Production changed to OD in mid to late 1943. Just 3 companies had contracts extending into 1944, and the 1944 dated pouches are a lot harder to find.

   Specify OD 1943..............................................OUT
   Specify OD 1944..............................................$40.00

D2c Marked Pocket, Ammunition Magazine.  This items was produced for both the Carbine and M1 Rifle.  It was produced in 1958.  PHOTO  This item is designed for carry the 15 round magazine.  This is an original one made by the military, not the junk from India.  $15.00

I have many different ones,  Click Here

D3    Carbine Winter Trigger, can be used when wearing heavy gloves.
Manufactured at Watervliet Arsenal in 1968. 
 PHOTO of assembly. 
Each assembly is in original wrap.  PHOTO  Each purchase will get a copy of the original instructions which accompanied SA production of 1953. PHOTO  This is probably the scarcest of all carbine accessories. Over the years I have seen two different sellers at gun shows telling one on these.  Each sold for $250.00. This item is very hard to find.  I am selling it less than them because I have a few of them.
 $175.00 each, new in original wrap.  If you purchase it now, you can probably get a lot more money for it in the future when you decide to sell off your carbines. If you go online and try to find something about Carbine Winter Triggers, you will find all sorts of information on M1 Rifle and M14 Winter Triggers.  Nothing has to do with the Carbine, as it is very different.  If you want to see the history on these items:  Click Here

D4 Patches for the M1 Carbine, M1 Rifle, M14, and even the 03 and 03A3.  These patches are not the new made junk from India.  I now everybody calls these as Patches but when these were patched, the Army put a different name on them that I do not know about.  These were packed in 1953, and some were WWII.  PHOTO  Each large box has 100 containers inside.  PHOTO  Each container I have opened has 20 patches inside and they are used on the Cleaning Rods used for almost everything, except the 50 Caliber guns.  Those patches are a lot larger. PHOTO  Each pack of patches is $3.00 and 10 packs are $25.00  Again, not of this stuff is junk from India, which is all over the internet.

D7   Gas Piston Nut Removal Wrench, M5,  Original 1944 WWII Production.  There are a few different markings.  I had over 200 of them by 1988 and then most were being made in India by many dealers that compete with real ones.  Today you will find all sorts of fakes of this item.  I have just about 20-25 left and all are originals from WWII. PHOTO     If you buy that junk from those that are being made in either China or India, you probably will find no markings.  I do not show the markings because the fakes will start changing them with markings. It is also possible that some fakes have  markings, but I have not yet seen any of them.  ............ $20.00 

D8    Magazine Covers, protects ammo within mags
from dust and water ............................㰡n style="mso-spacerun: yes">      1.00

For the ultimate collectors of carbines, or carbine magazines, available is an original box of 100 magazine covers. PHOTO  This item was still in development in 1945, but never standardized or contracted until after the war ended.  So far the earliest contract found is this one from 1953. Original box contains nomenclature and contractor's name. PHOTO Original box also contains directions, as this was a pretty new item for its time. PHOTO    If you plan on using them, covers still have the original powdered white preservative and must be soaked in luke warm water with mild dish detergent. Original unopened box of 100............... $75.00   Plus Heavy Shipping

 Special Item for both M1 Carbine, M1 and M14 Rifle.  This item was produced in 1991.  It is listed as a Handle Extension.  This item was made to provent the purchasing of all the combination tools for the M1, M14, and Carbine.   PHOTO  The photo shows you the package and two different sets up of the Handle Extension, so you can see who it is used.  This item works with the cleaning rods sections and because it is the same size as one of those sections, instead of using 4 cleaning rod sections during the M1 and M14, they used only 3.  During the Carbine they used only two sections, instead of 3.  Each one of these is brand new and I got them on bid circa 1995.  $5.00 Each Handle Extension.  They are band new in the package.

D9    M8 Jointed Cleaning Rod, WWII production, for carbine use only.  This rod is proper length to stop short of hitting receiverಥar, thus
breaking tips and bending brushes. Each rod will include a US GI bore brush and carrying case.

When the rod was developed, both the 4 section carrying cases and the later 3 section carrying cases were authorized for use.  As a general rule you can assume the 4 section cases were issued earlier.  Here is a quick summary of production:

4 Section Production

3 Section Production

1941 thru 1944

1943 thru 1965

You can now order separately a collectible carrying case from WWII or more common ones for storage of your rod.  The below photos will give you examples.

West German case, produced in Holland circa 1958.  Most dealers include this one with their rods.  PHOTO  $10.00 Each (Just a few available)

US GI 3 piece OD case, produced 1964 and 1965.  PHOTO $10.00 Each

US GI WWII 4 piece Khaki, undated PHOTO.  Shades of Khaki vary.  This version was produced 1943 through 1944.  M8 rod Sold Out

US GI WWII 3 piece  OD, produced 1944 thru 1945, undated. M8 rod for $40.00 Each.

D10  Torque Wrench, Orig, GI, Mfguring the 1980pan style="mso-spacerun: yes"> 
For measuring torque when installing rear sight. 
Direct support thru Depot, No Carrying Case..........$30.00

D11  Same as above, Armorerඥrsion with metal
Carrying Case 充.$50.00

D12  Late Issue US GI Caliber .30 Field Rod.  This rod
is an adaptation of the swivel handle from the late 1990's.
Two sections and the tip make it the perfect size
for the carbine. When assembled the brush will not hit the
rear of the receiver. Comes with carrying case and
bore brush.   ........................................................................... $15.00
   PHOTO   Assembled for storage: PHOTO

D14 Blank Firing Attachment (BFA), Dutch, 1950's manufactured. This BFA was produced in 1958 and probably through the 1960's, in Holland.  The BFA was issued to the Dutch troops and was also issued in West Germany during those early days of NATO.  The BFA can be displayed on the carbine. PHOTO  It has a red band around the body for a visual warning to prevent the use of service ammunition with it mounted. It rotates to lock onto the barrel with a spring and plunger assembly. These BFA's will not fit any carbine that has a stamped front sight from US WWII production; the sights are too wide.  The majority of front sights were machined (and thin cast during the 1960's) in US production. Additionally the West Germans produced their own machined sights during the late 1950's.  $20.00 each

Cleaning Patches, US GI, flannel, smooth and rough sided. Large 4 inch x 4 inch, these were produced back in the 1970's for the .50 caliber BMG. PHOTO  Cut in half and get two uses for the price of one. Pack of 100/$7.50 

I recently found buried 6 original Front Sight Removal Tools in my storage area.  These were made in 1953 and do not have the drawing number on them.  They are in about 95% condition as far as finish.  Top PHOTO  Bottom  PHOTO   Hard to find, Original US GI, not made in China. $150.00  Shipping and Insurance $18.00


Return Policy

Every item sold is guaranteed to function as originally designed.  Items purchased which do not function as originally designed, will be replaced at no charge to the customer.  Items purchased for uses different than they were originally designed, will void the guarantee, and those sales are final.  Returned items must be in the same condition as when shipped and any alteration will void our guarantee. Call or email if in doubt, we are here to help.

Items purchased and then returned due to customer error will result in a restocking charge of 25%. 
In the event that item brings the total purchase below our minimum order, a $5.00 charge will be applied to the credit due.  Items returned for replacement due to customer error may result in addition shipping charges.

Sorry but I cannot sell parts based upon color requests.  Nobody on the internet can match their parts with your rifle, which is hundreds of miles away.  Ask and it will be recommended you attend a gun show with those items you want to match and compare them with what is available for sale.

All items for return must be tendered to the returning carrier within one week of receipt by customer.  We recommend high value items be returned via UPS to our return address on the shipping label.  

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