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I do not have an online shopping cart. Once installed, that piece of software will automatically bill each customer for everything. As I run out of original material, I am constantly having to change customers' orders. Most orders would require more work issuing credits. If I were selling newly made items, online clearance of credit cards would not present a problem. All credit card and contact information is on each page. You can call in your credit card, email it, or send it by mail.

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Browning Machine Gun, Thompson, M3 Sub Machine Gun and Miscellaneous Items

This is a specialty page for parts and accessories for Automatic Weapons and Destructive Devices. All items are US GI. If you are looking for Israeli parts, I cannot help you. All of my inventory is from 35 years in the government surplus business.  All items on this page are covered by shipping terms and minimum merchandise order requirements of the site, unless otherwise stated. When you see NOS that is a term for New, Old Stock, indicating US GI vintage material. Every item on this page is a one of a kind item, unless stated otherwise. Contact information and terms are at the bottom of the page. 

I recently acquired an advanced collection of .50 BMG, .30 BMG, BAR, and Thompson items. Keep returning to this page as items will start being listed the week of April 7, 2008. Mostly everything will be one of a kind items, so if you have interest, do not hesitate.  He who delays will be lost.

Machine Gun & Sub Machine Gun Items

M60 Machine Gun Combination Tool, Ordnance Part Number 8448458. PHOTO  Each tool is New Old Stock (NOS).  Tool has provision for cleaning gas system with reamer.  $12.00 each plus shipping.

Ruptured Cartridge Extractor, Ordnance Part Number 7790352. PHOTOThis is the late issue, first manufactured in 1959. This "separated case extractor" as it is known, is the push type, which helps prevent damage to bolt extractors.  Each is US GI New Old Stock.
$12.00 each plus shipping.

General Purpose US GI Cleaning Brush.  This is a depot level brush used in a variety of cleaning functions. Brush has a 23 inch long twisted wire body and a 4 inch long handle.  PHOTO Bristles are solid brass and measure 1 inch in diameter.  Ideal for reaching inside open rear receivers like the 30 and 50 BMG.  Wire body can be bent to use as ratchet for large calibers like 20mm.  $7.50 plus shipping.

.30 Caliber Items

Combination Wrench, M6, has punch, and many wrenches, US (not Israeli). Issued for the 1917A1, 1919A4, 1919A6, and M37. PHOTO New OS. $20.00 each

M1917A1 Water Cooled Full Length Cover, M7.  MfgחII, heavy duty cotton duck.  Has carrying strap PHOTO and heavy duty leather reinforcing on points of wear. PHOTO
Each is new, never used, but may have some discoloration for storage.  Colors of Khaki can vary. $75.00 each, plus shipping.

M1917A1 Tripod replacement right side plate (elevating arc).  Brand new, never cut. New in Wrap. SOLD OUT  PHOTO

M1917A1 Replacement cork assembly. Cork is original US GI production from WWII, with brass fittings, no chain, Ordnance Part Number 6147211. New, in grease.  PHOTO $30.00 each.

M1917A1 Tripod Wrench, M6, Ordnance Part # 5165411. For disassembly and assembly of elevating mechanism nuts parts nos. 5159980 & 5159981. Tool still in WWII contractorෲap. $13.50 Each 

1919A4 & M37 Barrel Jacket. This is not the current market reproductions.  By the early 1990's originals were gone and a large company started making these in Taiwan. The attaching threads were at a wrong angle and became a problem to a company making BMG's.  The only ones available at that time were used imports from Israel. The used imports already had the retaining screw hole drilled and often did not line up properly as needed.  In 1992 I purchased over 100 overruns from a company that had a 1967 contract with Rock Island Arsenal. All were new, never used. I sold the majority to the company that had the poor quality junk from Taiwan.  Today I have 10 left.  All are original US GI, New.  A few have very slight rust due to storage; oil will help.  None have the screw hold drilled. All are perfect.   PHOTO    If you want the $79.00 range to $99.00, buy the Chinese junk.  Original GI $135.00 plus $20.00 Shipping and Insurance.

.30 BMG M9 Spare Barrel Covers, D30674.  These were due to my bidding circa 1989-91.  I received over 100 of them and today I have just a few left.  These are originals, not junk made in India.  PHOTO   As you can see the markings are different.  The markings got later as the company continued to mark them Some of these covers were later and green but most were not.  All I have left is 1942 production, which is early WWII and harder to find.  A few were marked later by Rock Island Arsenal due to storage. PHOTO   For those that have 1919A4, 1919A6, or the M37, this item is perfect for storing or carrying the spare barrel.  Again this is not junk form India. Keep in mind online many claim they are 50 Cal. covers. That is false. The 50 covers is much thicker and different.  As I said, all I have left are the 1942 production, which is very hard to find today.  The 50's and 60's are a lot more common and the ones I had are sold out.  The 1942 items are $50.00 Each

.30 BMG Barrel Wear Gage Set, for Plated (Chromed) and Lined (Stellite) barrels.  I have just one set, complete with wooden carrying case.  Set contains barrel wear gage, Ordnance Part Number 7319994 and wear check gage, Ordnance Part Number 7274724.  PHOTO  $225.00/set.

Separated Case Extractor w/lever.  Works on cal. .30 or 7.62mm.  Extractor is configured to fit 伳pan style="mso-spacerun: yes"> slot in bolt face and has lever for easy extraction of separated case, which happens often when working with different headspace settings on the .30 BMG series. These are not those foreign ones sold elsewhere on the net. PHOTO  Each is new in US GI Wrap   PHOTO $15.00

Mitten, Heat Protective, Machine GunnersThis Govӵrplus mitten is reversible and worn on either hand.  No need to wait 10-15 minutes to handle the jacket or barrel of your favorite Browning or M60 MG.  Latest design which eliminated asbestos fibers.  Whether you shoot a .30 or .50, a couple of these should be part of your operating arsenal.   Condition: 85०nbsp; Used....$15.00   Almost New  $20.00   PHOTO

Cleaning Rod, Sectional, with collapsible handle, 4 sections, and bore brush.  This is the most modern .30 cal rod in US military inventory.  Great packing for a MG shoot.  Extension handle rod assembly $12.00 Each

M1917A1 Tripod Elevating Screw, Ordnance Part Number 6150309. Long known as the weak link in the elevating mechanism, these usually break where the threads meet the squared tube. PHOTO Most tripod parts on the market are from de-mils, often stored outdoors, with pitting. Each is new, still sealed from WWII production. PHOTO  $30.00  3 or more for $25.00 each.  Plus shipping.  

M1917A1 Leveling Jacks were experimental and put on the Tripods.  There were actually called T1 Leveling Jacks. This is shown in one of the Field Manuals.  PHOTO   After these were made, most of the 1917A1's Water Cooled Machine Guns were no longer used that much.  After WWII the Army continued using these with the larger guns.  This small batch was released circa 1988 or 1989. PHOTO  I have only a few left as most were sold during the 1990's.   $250.00 per set of two.  Shipping will be about $20.00 or more, depending upon where it is sent because this batch is very heavy. 

Original pack to two 1917A1, 1919A4, 1919A5, and 1919A6 .30 BMG Belt Pawl Pins, WWII Manufactured by Saginaw Steering Gear, Division of General Motors.  This is a high mortality item as the split ends often break.  Rich blue/black finish, in original contractor's pack. Used on the commercial Semi Auto also.  $15.00/pack of two, or two packs for $25.00. Priority Mail shipping.  PHOTO

1917A1 .30 Browning Water Cooled Machine Gun Carrying Handle Assembly. Just took in trade one New Old Stock (NOS) US GI carrying handle.  PHOTO  SOLD OUT

Ring, Click, Ordnance Part Number 5174175, for the .30 BMG Traverse and Elevating Mechanism. These original US GI click rings are just what is needed for those T&E mechanism where the traverse is mushy or sloppy. PHOTO  New Old Stock (NOS), these were released at Pueblo Army Depot in the early 1960's.  PHOTO  Well used T&E Mechanisms were brought back to serviceable by installation of this ring. The ring is the same for the M60 and the .50 BMG T&E.  $10.00 each  3/$27.00 or WWII pack of four  PHOTO  $30.00 plus shipping.

.30 Browning Machine Gun Feed Cover Bolts, Ordnance Part Number 6008824.  Original US GI Bolts as used on the feed covers of all the ground versions of the BMG's. The bolts were produced in 1952 and have a rich black finish.  PHOTO.  Bolts are in original packages of twenty. PHOTO An interesting thing is the typographic error on the label.  The contract was stated as being for the 1917A1 but the 7 was typed as a 2.  Brand new US GI, not repro from China.   $9.00 each  5/$35.00 plus Priority Mail charges. PHOTO

.50 Caliber Items

.50 Caliber Retracting Slide Bracket, for enstalling both right and left, a very rare one.  Standard slides work to install the amunition from the left.  The standard slide was put on almost every 50 caliber machine gun.  PHOTO  Over 2 million were made since the time they were made.  The one I have is the Retracting Slide Bracket to install amunition from either Left and Right.  This were made in very small amount.  The large vehicals had four 50 Caliber rifles on them.  The rifles were set up 2 on the mid left and 2 on the mid right.  (A few smaller vehicles had two of these set up the same way but 1 right and 1 left)  The problem was if the ammuntion was installed on the left on all of these rifles, they would not be able to work well.  So the military made up just a few different Brackets, which were set up to install the amunition into the right for those rifles set up on the left.  These way all 4 rifles had the amunition in the middle and both right and left can install the amunition and shot the rifles.  PHOTO  The two holes you see on top are what works.  The standard version is available online and I am have none for sale.  I have only 3 left of the Left and Right version.  It is very rare and almost impossible to find.  Those that want to add rifles into vehicles or those that want to be able to put the amunition on either Left or Right, this item is the only thing that will work. One guy told me he had this item so he can now install the amunition on either left or right.  He had no vehicle set up with the 50 caliber machine gun.  This item is very rare and hard to find.  $275.00 each.  Shipping will be $15.00.

.50 Caliber Complete Slide.  This slide fit inside the above Slide Bracket, but it fits the normal one.  This item has the parts on it that are usually hard to find.  This item is also not the junk being made in China.  It is original military item and I have only 4 of these left.  PHOTO  $75.00 each

.50 Caliber Slide with one part.  This item is only one part on it.   It is original military and real items like the one above that has two parts on it.  This item is only $55.00 and I have about 6 of them.  PHOTO 

.50 Caliber Steel Cartridge Case, Experimental.  These steel cartridge cases for produced by Frankford Arsenal (FA) in 1952. PHOTO
A few thousand were made and sent to a company in Northern NJ, (I do not remember the name).  They were packed in a plain box by FA
for shipment into NJ.
PHOTO  The company was under contract to apply a special coating for testing. The cases were tested by FA and never standardized. I got these circa 1974 by a former worker.  I have just a few boxes available. PHOTO  $10.00 each cartridge. Original unopened box of 10 $75.00  Those I sell individually I slightly oil and clean up the cartridge case. An unopened box of 10 can have some light rust on the surface of the cartridge cases. Each unopened box is the result of 60 years of storage.

.50 BMG Armorers Tool Roll, US GI WWII.  Fastened with a long wrap around strap and snaps, this roll is for storage of a variety of repair and maintenance tools. PHOTO.  Roll is marked with nomenclature and stock number. Stock number shows it's used with .50 Aircraft Guns, both M2 and M3. PHOTO  Supply extremely limited.  $65.00 each.

.50 BMG Rear Sight Base, US GI WWII, stripped, with dovetail for optical sight, Ordnance Part Number 6528338. I have just three left.  Each has been reparkerized and is in perfect condition. Not a cast repro from China. PHOTO  SOLD OUT

.50 BMG Firing Pin Spring Installation Tool, Ordnance Part Number 6243634. PHOTO Each is new in wrap, repacked at the Naval Ordnance Supply Depot in Norfolk, Virginia in 1953.   PHOTO  $35.00 each

50 BMG Cleaning Rod, Rock Island Arsenal Production, 1944.  If you look at the handle it is a rounded piece of steel.  Rock Island took many cleaning rods of all calibers and removed the Aluminum Handles for production of aircraft.  This rod comes with a nylon case from the late 1970's through the late 1980's.  Not all cases are the same markings or color. Each rod contains the handle set, 3 sections, and the bore brush/patch section, making it 5 sections long.   PHOTO  Here is a case. PHOTO   This rod is also ideal for those black power antique rifles.  THIS IS NOT A COMMERCIAL CHINESE IMPORT.  $35.00 plus $13.00 Priority Mail shipping. 

50 BMG Cleaning Patches, US GI, flannel, smooth and rough sided. Large 4 inch x 4 inch, these were produced back in the 1970's for the .50 caliber M2 BMG. PHOTO  Pack of 100/$7.50

.50 Browning Machine Gun Box Holder. PHOTO Just a few available. These are brand new but covered with dust. They have been sitting unused for close to 35 years. The holder carried the .50 BMG Ammunition Box on various Pedestal and Ring mounts. It was an improvement over the WWII holder which was shaped like an L and did not retain the ammunition very well.  This holder surrounds the entire box. It holder has a massive spring loaded arm that does an excellent job of retaining the ammunition. This PHOTO shows the actual military designation.  Front Oblique PHOTO Rear Oblique PHOTO  Each has the original GI finish. This box holder is used with US GI mounts #8367286 & 8346619. Approximately 95-98% condition. $125.00 each plus $10.00 shipping and insurance.  Alaska and Hawaii inquire. 

.50 Browning Machine Gun Box Holder for the M3 Tripod Anti Aircraft Extension.  The anti aircraft extension was used on the M3 tripod to elevate the gun. This necessitated the ammunition also be elevated because the belt pawls could not lift the ammo. PHOTO
PHOTO Holder is about 90% condition, and this is the only one I have seen available in 35 years of the surplus business.  $650.00 plus shipping.

M63 Anti-Aircraft Mount, Side Plate Trigger Assembly.  This accessory is stored in the steel circular container on the side of the mount.  It is used to fire the gun when it is installed in the mount. PHOTO  $75.00 each.

Caliber .50 Browning Machine Gun Heavy Barrel, M2 Barrel Buffer Assembly.  This is the latest design. It was adopted in the late 1980's for use in desert warfare.  This design prevents the accumulation of sand. PHOTO  Each complete unit consists of:

  1. 9340487 Buffer, Barrel Assembly
  2. 6008782 Buffer Spring Guide
  3. 6009832 Buffer Spring

I have only a few complete units. $125.00 each plus shipping.
Buffer, Barrel Assembly 9340487 available separately for $95.00 plus shipping.

.50 BMG Trigger Adjusting Screw, Ordnance Part No. 7312028, PHOTO Original Colt Mfg. Co. production from 1953.  If you have a screw that binds through the top plate, you have one of the repros from NJ.  They were produced slightly too long. $5.00 each or dealers inquire for a pack of twenty. PHOTO

.50 BMG Spring, Belt Feed Lever Plunger, Ordnance Part No. A-13516, WWII production from AC Spark Plug Division, General Motors. Many of the springs on the M2 series have been reproduced overseas. Here is a chance to insure reliable feeding by purchasing original WWII springs.  Each pack of two is still sealed, new in grease. PHOTO  $5.00 pack of two.  Stock up for the future special.  3 packs for $12.00

.50 BMG Rear Sight Base Screw. Ordnance Part No. A153191  PHOTO  3 were required per Machine Gun, so did it make sense to pack 8 per pack?  PHOTO  $6.00 each or three for $15.00

Separated Case Extractor, chambers like cartridge, NEW Old Stock PHOTO$14.00 Each

Reflector, Bore, angled mirror for bore inspection.
WWII Steel      
$12.00 Each

Gage, Oil Buffer, Length, Ordnance Part #7106326, marked for AC but also used for      M2 HB.  New in Wrap  $50.00 Each  Used, with some corrosion $30.00 Each

50 Caliber M3 Aircraft Machine Gun Bolt, new, never installed. Bolt is later design with alternate feed and lightening cuts. PHOTO $350.00 only one available.

50 Caliber M3 Aircraft Machine Gun Bolt Extractor Assembly, Ordnance Part Number 7313751.  New, never installed. PHOTO $90.00 each, just four available.

US M1918, M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle

Browning Automatic Rifle Gas Cylinder Gage, Ordnance Part Number 5077204.  US GI Plug Gage, Brand New, In Grease. Measures wear inside of Gas Cylinder, No Go. PHOTO  $85.00 plus shipping.

Browning Automatic Rifle Gas Cylinder Piston Gage, Ordnance Part Number 5077201. US GI Ring Gage, Brand New, In Grease. Measures outside diameter of the Gas Piston, No Go. This is a very scarce gage whose availability has always been very limited. Email for price and availability. Just 6 available. PHOTO  SOLD OUT

1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle Combination Tool, Ordnance Part Number 7266450. This combo tool is the latest design (early 1950's). PHOTO  Tool has two screwdrivers, and provision for working on the gas cylinder, buffer tube and flash hider.  Each is brand new, US GI, still in original wrap. Also applicable to the commercial 1919A3 BAR.  $12.00 each plus shipping.

I had just three 1918A2 BAR Walnut Forends but recently found an unopened box of 5 more. These will also fit the 1919A3 semi-automatic commercial rifle. Not available in years, here is the chance to purchase a new US GI walnut spare. The day you crack yours will be the day you wish you had one.  $75.00  Shipping and insurance $15.00, Ak. or Hi. more.    PHOTO

Here is another BAR Forend that is very scarce. PHOTO  This Forend was produced in 1969 for the Vietnam War and has a dark redish finish. 
PHOTO    VERY SCARCE.    $100.00.  Shipping and insurance $15.00, Ak. or Hi. more.

BAR Ammunition Chest, marked Machine Rifle, Ammunition Chest, M1.
Originally produced for horse drawn Cavalry, this chest was still used during WWII as an ammunition carrier on vehicles and in the infantry.
PHOTO  Inside shows sectioned areas for loaded magazine storage and felt liner on top.  PHOTO  Chest is shown in book Rock In a Hard Place by James Ballou, page 332.  SOLD OUT

US Submachine Guns

British Thompson Magazine Carrier, marked BOX, MAGAZINES, .45in CAL. THOMPSON SUB. MACHINE GUN, Mk I.  PHOTO  Used by British Forces during WWII to support the Thompsons sent over from the U.S.  Metallic box holds 10 20 round magazines, which are locked in place with metallic ribs. I have seen only three of these in 35 years.  They exist in two colors. This brown version is missing the felt which was originally glued to the inside of the lid. PHOTO Magazines shown, not included.  SOLD OUT

Thompson Oiler, Ordnance Part Number 7160038, produced for the M1 and M1A1.  Oiler is in very clean used condition, might have a slight amount of oil inside. PHOTO $10.00 ea.

Thompson Oiler, Ordnance Part Number 7160038, produced for the M1 and M1A1, new in wrap. Packed at Letterkenny in August, 1957.   PHOTO  $15.00 ea.

Original pack of two Thompson SMG Ejectors, Ordnance Part Number C113654, Auto Ordnance Manufactured during WWII. Produced for the M1 and M1A1, these are a great collectible as they remain in the original contractor's WWII pack.  $20.00/pack of two.  Priority Mail shipping.  PHOTO

Original pack of ten Thompson SMG Ejectors, Ordnance Part Number 5613654, M1 and M1A1, WWII Manufactured and repacked at a depot in the 1950's.  Various makers and markings. This batch is SOLD OUT   PHOTO  I have some that were not in the packaging when I got them on bid.  They are marked T and some are marked S.  A new have no markings on them.  These are band new, not junk from China or India.  PHOTO  $8.50 each, original military items. 

M3A1 Submachine Gun Oiler. The M3A1 differs from the M3 in that it had a square oiler bottle inside the pistol grip. These have always been pretty difficult to find, especially with the original cap. They were produced in both parkerized steel and brass.  The oilers consist of a top and bottom half, soldered together. Prices below do not include shipping or insurance.
Steel with original cap......... PHOTO  SOLD OUT
Brass with original cap........ PHOTO  $45.00
Body Only, no cap.....................Steel  $15.00
Body Only, no cap.....................Brass $20.00

M3 and M3A1 Driving Springs, original US GI, Ordnance Part Number 7160999.  Why purchase recently made reproductions, when you can get originals.  PHOTO  Set of two driving springs $25.00. 

M3 and M3A1 Guide Rod Retaining Clip.  Looks like a bow legged cowboy, this clip locks the guide rods onto the guide. PHOTO Original WWII Production. Not an import. $7.50 each

Big Stuff for Destructive Devices 

Claymore Mine M40 Test Set.  This testing device checks out the electrical connection on the Claymore mine.  It had the ability to check without setting off the mine.  PHOTO  Rear of the device shows the date of manufacture. PHOTO  $25.00

Bipod Foot, Mortar, Ordnance Part Number 4470410.  Used on the bipod legs of the 60mm Mortar, and possible the 81mm too; not sure which one.  The foot is welded on a steel tube to produce a leg. The foot has the capability to dig into the ground and keep the item stable. Some have purchased these in the past to produce a compressed air operated mortar that launches soda cans. Can also be used to costume make a bipod for a large caliber rifle, like .50 caliber. PHOTO Each is brand new, in the wrap, packed in storage grease.  Have just a few left. $30.00 each Plus shipping

90 mm Muzzle Brake Cover, NSN 1015-00-078-5502, Ordnance Part Number 10929895. This muzzle brake cover was used on the M47 and M48 tanks. PHOTO It was also used on a few M41A3 Walker Bulldog vehicles exported to South America.  Cover fits the "T" style muzzle brake, and is made of water resistant rubber coated fabric.  The cover was produced towards the end of the Vietnam era. PHOTO  Markings: PHOTO Many have been sold for display to surplus dealers who stuff them and attach an empty pipe, painted to look like a barrel.  $25.00 plus $10.00 Priority Mail.

M79 Grenade Launcher Combination Screwdriver and Wrench with Brush,  Ordnance Part Number 7791570.  This tool has two spanners, two screwdrivers, and a cleaning brush. Tool is in new, MINT condition. PHOTO  $8.00 plus shipping.

M20A1, M20A1B1 3.5 Inch Rocket Launcher Combination Tool. It is not listed but it probably was also used on the M20 and the M20B1 versions. The tool is in very good condition. PHOTO $5.00 plus shipping.

M18 57mm Recoilless Rifle Front Sight. I have a few brand new in wrap. The weak point of the sight is the fold down post which is prone to damage. Started with 14, have just 8 left.  PHOTO  $40.00 ea plus $5.00 Priority Mail, or 2/$60.00 plus $7.00 Priority Mail.

I have one only M149A1 Sub Caliber Device for the M67 90mm Recoilless Rifle.  The only known device of this type in private hands. Many museums are looking for this also.  The device is in Caliber 7.62mm and is in MINT condition. The device cannot discharge anything as is, it needs the Recoilless Rifle's breech to fire.  The barrel and chamber are MINT. If you have a de-milled M67, this will work just fine.
PHOTO     MARKINGS  Email for price and terms. 

106mm Recoilless Rifle, M40A1, M40A2, and M40A4, Combination Tool, Ordnance Part Number 7307537. There are several versions of this tool but all carry the same part number. Tool is in good condition. PHOTO  $125.00 plus shipping.

106mm RR, M40A1, M40A2 and M40A4 Recoil Compensating Ring Adjusting Tool, Ordnance Part Number 7309111.  This is a very scarce tool, even for those that were in the military.  Most of these tools went overseas to support the recoilless rifles that were exported.  Tool is in good condition.  PHOTO  $125.00 plus shipping.

106mm Recoilless Rifle, M40A1, M40A2, and M40A4 Breech Bore Sight. This was used to align the bore with the optical sight. It snapped inside the bore and the small hole represented center bore, or impact point. PHOTO  $30.00 plus shipping

M8C Spotting Rifle Combination Tool, Ordnance Part Number 7266520. The M8C Spotting Rifle was used on the late versions of the M27 105mm and all versions of the M40 series 106mm Recoilless Rifles. The combination tool is in mint condition and has many uses.  PHOTO  $35.00 plus shipping

Cal. .50 Ruptured Cartridge Extractor (Separated Case Extractor) for the M8C cartridge, Ordnance Part Number 7266927. PHOTO This is the short case version of the caliber 50 caliber cartridge. The spotting cartridge is about 1 inch shorter than the 50 BMG round. It approximates the same trajectory as the 105mm and 106mm recoilless rifles. PHOTO shows the bottom extractor compared to the larger 50 BMG.  This is not for the Browning Machine Gun. $40.00 plus shipping.

M3 & M6 37mm Gun parts available.  Digging in one of the buildings I found several Pin, Firing, Ordnance Part Number A25201. Fifteen years ago I was advertising these in the Shotgun News and thought I had run out.  Each is WWII manufactured, NOS, US GI. PHOTO  I also have available just a few Spring, Retracting, Firing Pin, Ordnance Part Number A25201. Each is new in grease, NOS, US GI, WWII Manufactured. PHOTO   Firing pin and spring will fit both the M3 and M6 guns.  The M3 is the direct fire ground gun and the M6 is the tank mounted gun.

Pin, Firing A25201........................................................................................................$25.00
Purchase a set of Pin, Firing A25201 and Spring, Retracting A25202 ......................$40.00
Sorry but due to a very limited quantity, the spring is not sold separately.

  Export License Required if Sent Overseas

NSN 1025 00 860 9169, Firing Pin, Cannon, 175mm   These were released in a Government Surplus lot circa 1992-94.  All are new in the box and contracted in 1986.  PHOTO  Current Government cost to support overseas countries is $518.00 each. The reason is any quantity required will be in very small numbers, not like the requirements the US had of several thousands.  PHOTO  $25.00 each 

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Hours:  Monday through Thursday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm  Eastern Time Zone. 
All inquiries must be by phone or email. Sorry but I do not have time to answer letters or faxed inquiries.

To contact me via email


Minimum Order is $20.00
in Merchandise. Checks, Money Orders, and Credit Cards accepted methods of payment.  I am not set up for Paypal. I have my own Credit Card Clearance Account.

Shipping Charges:

Minimum $7.50
$23.00 - $29.00...$8.00
$30.00 - $39.99...$9.00
$40.00 - $49.99...$10.00
$50.00 or higher $11.00
Alaska and Hawaii higher rates may apply
Pennsylvania residents must include 6% State Sales Tax.


 Return Policy

Every item sold is guaranteed to function as originally designed.  Items purchased which do not function as originally designed, will be replaced at no charge to the customer.  Items purchased for uses different than they were originally designed, will void the guarantee, and those sales are final.  Returned items must be in the same condition as when shipped and any alteration will void our guarantee. Call or email if in doubt, we are here to help.

Items purchased and then returned due to customer error will result in a restocking charge of 25%. 
In the event that item brings the total purchase below our minimum order, a $5.00 charge will be applied to the credit due.  Items returned for replacement due to customer error may result in addition shipping charges.

Sorry but I cannot sell parts based upon color requests.  Nobody on the internet can match their parts with your rifle, which is hundreds of miles away.  Ask and it will be recommended you attend a gun show with those items you want to match and compare them with what is available for sale.

All items for return must be tendered to the returning carrier within one week of receipt by customer.  We recommend high value items be returned via UPS to our return address on the shipping label.  


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