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I do not have an online shopping cart. Once installed, that piece of software will automatically bill each customer for everything. As I run out of original material, I am constantly having to change customers' orders. Most orders would require more work issuing credits. If I were selling newly made items, online clearance of credit cards would not present a problem. All credit card and contact information is on each page. You can call in your credit card, email it, or send it by mail.

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Collectors' Corner

All items on this page are in very short supply.  Most are one of a kind item.  Some items are applicable to more than one system. Shipping Charges that are not listed are located at the bottom of this page. 

Each blue text is a Hyperlink to a photo or another web page.  Even if you decide not to purchase anything, I hope you have an enjoyable time viewing the photos. Hopefully you find this one of the more educational and enjoyable pages on the inter-net.

M1, M2 & M3 Carbine  I recently found buried 6 original Front Sight Removal Tools in my storage area.  These were made in 1953 and do not have the drawing number on them.  They are in about 95% condition as far as finish.  Top PHOTO  Bottom  PHOTO   Hard to find, Original US GI, not made in China. $150.00  Shipping and Insurance $18.00

Here is a tool set produced by United-Carr Fastener, located in Boston and Cambridge, Mass., during WWII.  The set was purchased by Quartermaster Corps, which had the responsiblity of providing repair items for Cavalry Leather Products and Ordnance Web Slings.  This tool set does both. The set consists of 4 tools which set the Male Stud and the Female Socket and Backplate on the Carbine Slings.  PHOTO  The kit is in original packaging, but unfortunately the packaging is not perfect. Each one was stored for close to 45 years before being released as surplus.  United Carr was the company that initially provided the Dot fasteners. During the war many other companies complied with the carbine sling drawing and used Dot fasteners. PHOTO  If you collect Cavalry or Carbine items, this is a rare bird to have.  Just 8 available.  $65.00 plus $11.00 Shipping and Insurance.  (Note:  Quartermast did not produce the carbine slings, Ordnance did.  Quartermaster was in charge of providing repair items for all web products, including slings. Most repairs were done at unit level.)

M1 or M14 Rifle Items

M49 Spotting Scope, (also known as Observation Telescope) Carrying Case.  This case is the 1960's vintage molded plastic version of the WWII M27 Case.  The plastic case was designated as the M164.  It has some rust on the two lock buckles and has a split on one of the two bottom strap retainers, but the gaskets are perfect. It also has some stains where the strap was stored on the case body.  PHOTO  SOLD

M10 Cleaning Rod, Springfield Armory manufactured, packed in 1959. The older production of M10 cleaning rods is known as the best quality. After 1962 each component (section, handle, and tip) was contracted individually, resulting in sections that do not line up, loose threads and a variety of other inconveniences. This rod is packed in the black asphaltic tube, a signature of late 1950's Springfield Armory production. The rod shown is not for sale. It resides in my collection. The one for sale is not marked as well.  PHOTO  $65.00 plus shipping.

Brookfield Precision Tool Spring Guide, M14 NM. Original BPT production from 1996, it is hard to believe this item is still in its original wrap from 9 years ago. There are other quality spring guides on the market, but there was only one Brookfield.  This guide was part of the contract specification for the XM25 Sniper Rifle. Without it, you can not build a proper M25 clone. $85.00  plus $10.00 shipping and insurance, Hi. and Ak. more. PHOTO

M1 Style Experimental Aluminum Butt Plate. Available are a very limited quantity of experimental aluminum butt plates. There is a lot of speculation as to exactly which rifle this was produced for, but so far, no documentation has been available confirming its history. The butt plate was produced in a light weight aluminum alloy. PHOTO  This light weight butt plate, which is approximately 1/2 the weight of the standard steel version, uses the improved butt trap lock, which was used on the hinged M14 butt plate circa 1961. PHOTO  A nice piece of Springfield Armory Ordnance Development History for the serious collector.  Inquire by email.

M1 Rifle Barrel H&R, 6-65, Ordnance Part Number 11010457, Caliber 7.62mm NATO. MINT condition; it still contains the plastic end caps. It has never been installed on a receiver. PHOTO  Here are the markings: PHOTO Not to be mistaken for a standard SA barrel; this barrel has the same markings Harrington and Richardson used on Navy conversion. This a very rare barrel.  CALL for availability and price.

1911 1911A1 Series

Model 1912 Squad Box Cleaning Kit Brass Oiler.  This oiler was part of the cleaning kit issued to each squad for the 1911 .45 Automatic Pistol.  It was in use during and after WWI. It has a brass body and spout, no paint.   $65.00 plus shipping  PHOTO

M1912 Can, Manufactured in WWII by Stern Can Company, of Boston, Mass. Steel can for use in the M1912 Squad Cleaning Kit. New in original wrap. Note, most of the labels are stained from the preservative applied over 62 years ago and are not readable.  Can is in MINT condition.  PHOTO  $20.00 each

1903 03A3 Series

Case, Carrying, Grenade Launcher, Viven et Bessières, also known as the VB Launcher. The launcher was used by American troops during WWI. As it was adopted for use by American troops, Rock Island tooled up to produced the cases after the war ended. Case is New Old Stock, dated 1920. PHOTO  $75.00

1903 and 1903A3 Headspace Test Bolt.  This is the scarcer variation.  Partially finished bolts were removed from the production line and manufactured into a Field Service tool.  $90.00  PHOTO

Set of two Lateral Screws for the 1903A4 Sniper Rifle's Redfield Base. Ordnance Part Number A153176, these screws are US GI production from WWII. Still available today in commercial blue, a dead giveaway of an incorrect restoration.  PHOTO  Screws are new in grease, just 24 sets were  available many years ago. These are not the junk being made in China.  This are white collars which were real ones for the 1903A4 made by Remington.   PHOTO.    I got these from a guy who bid on vehicle items and he go this batch.  I had sold him vehicle items I did not need and he contacted me and sold these to me around the mid 1990's.   Have just 10 sets left.  $50.00 per set of two, original screws. All of these are real items, not the junk from China.   I have just two sets with black on them.  Years ago they were inside a container marked 1945.    PHOTO.   These are not the junk made in China or India.  The first two that want them, they are the same price.  Only 2 real black ones exist today.   You will see the fakes very cheap and all over the web sites and at gun shows.

M16 Items

Since the first days of business I was selling original US GI and early Colt manufactured M16 parts, both military and commercial. As the mid 1990's approached, most of the older high quality parts and accessories dried up. As more and more of the market became saturated with everybody's reproduction items, I pulled out of the M16 business.  With good quality early Colt material gone forever, I sold off everything.  As I clean up the shop, I still find an occasional goodie or two.  Below are the few remaining items.

M16A1 Flash Hider Lock Washer. There was a directive about a rejected contract from 1983. PHOTO Improper hardness and gap size allowed the washers to lose their strength and that resulted in a loose flash hider.  As early Colt production was transferred to the lowest bidders, problems started to grow with contracted spare parts. Available here are original Colt production with Colt's five digit catalog number on the pack, 62126. PHOTO  SOLD OUT

M16A1 Sling, known as "Silent Sling".  Most of all the market are being made in India and a few are being made here.  They are not properly produced. Many have no angle cut at the ends with hot material slicers that seal the nylon.  These are original US Military which are new, never installed, from the 1979 contract.  PHOTO    Good collectible item. SOLD OUT

M16 Grenade Launching Retaining Spring, fits on barrel directly behind the Flash Hider. Manufactured during the 1960's, this retains the rifle grenade until launched. $ 25.00 Each  PHOTO  These are not reproductions that are being made and are on line. 

Colt M16 Blank Firing Magazine from the 1960's. Magazine is red for visual safety and has a block to prevent loading of service ammunition. The blocks allows only blanks. Marked UI for Universal Industries, one of Colt's earliest sub contractors. This is a very scarce magazine, one that you usually see only in books. Have two left, email for price and availability. PHOTO

Colt M16A1 Pistol Grip, US GI, New in Wrap. The last replacement grip contract before the adoption of the M16A2 was in 1984-89. After the adoption of the M16A2, the demand for the older grips on the civilian market increased because not everybody was comfortable with the new design.  I have available a few grips, new in wrap, from those old days. PHOTO  Each grip in new, never used.  Each grip has the C mark inside, which was the late marking used by Colt.  If you are restoring a late Colt SP-1, this is for you.  PHOTO   These are the last remaining new grips on the market.  SOLD OUT

I also have a large pile of well used, beat up grips. These are not pleasant to look at as the checkering is worn. Black spray paint may hide some of the defects. Ideal for somebody building an early gun.  SOLD OUT

M16A2 Cam.  This is the original part that gave the M16A2 the ability to limit 3 round bursts.  PHOTO  New in original wrap from 1988 contract.  $15.00 each.

M16 Maximum Headspace Gage, Ordnance Part Number 7799734, NSN 4933-00-070-7814. Disassembly of bolt not needed, gage is cut for extractor and ejector clearance. Each gage is new, in US GI pack, produced in 1984-85. This particular gage is better than any I have seen. Each gage was sealed with air removed from the package.  I have very few available.   PHOTO  The current production cost is very expensive, over $600.00 each, due to all the requirements.  PHOTO This is not a cheap commercial gage made in China.  They were released after the Army reduced its number of soldiers, due to the collapse of the Soviet Union.   Once these originals are gone, they will not be available anywhere.   I was sold out for 95.00 each.   Recently I found 3 more, but they will not be sold separately.  Those that purchase any one of the two gages below, can purchase one of these at the old price of $95.00 each.  These will only be sold with those other gages.   SOLD OUT  See Below with 2 items and read both of them before thinking of buying one of them.

M16 Firing Pin Protrusion Gage, Ordnance Part Number 7799737.  This is a very scarce gage.  This match was release by Rock Island Arsenal circa mid 1990's.   These are original military and not the commercial ones made in China.  If you want cheap junk, by the Chinese version. The gage was used to see how the front of the firing pin extends out to fire the cartridge.  The gage has both maximum and minumun on it.  PHOTO  The picture is darker than actual color on gage. I started with many of them and today I have just about 8 or 9 left.  $45.00 each  (See Below)

M16 Muzzle Erosion Gage, Ordnance Part Number 8448677, NSN 6220-00-155-4925. This item is in the original packaging made by the company.  Originally designed for steel bores with flash hider attached or off. May be used on Chromed Bores by grinding an index mark from a known new barrel. The gage will then serve to compare future barrels to the index location. Each gage is new in US GI pack.   $30.00 each  (See Below)

Below:  The above two gages, Protrusion and Erosion, will be giving you a good deal.  If you purchase both the Protrusion and Erosion gage the price of $75.00 will go down to $70.00.  Once I am out of the Protrusion Gages, I will change this to be just one price on the other gage.

M16 Deflector, Spent Case, Ordnance Part Number 9378328, NSN 1005-01-171-4778. Made for the .22 cal. GI sub caliber devices. $15.00 each

M16 Blank Firing Attachment, Ordnance Part Number 12002800, NSN 1005-00-118-6192.  Nomenclature is Attachment, Blank Firing, M14A1. Each is new unused, just a few available.  $15.00 each.

M16A1 Gage, Indicating, Firing Pin Protrusion, Ordnance Part Number 8434665A, FSN 5220-233-8988.  Produced in 1973, this set was designed to use on assembled bolts and carriers, to check firing pin protrusion. This was a depot level rebuild item, and was not available to support units. Very few were made. $450.00 set plus shipping and insurance.

Item contains the following: 


Base Unit with markings and Dial Indicator Set PHOTO


Dial Indicator PHOTO

More images and price to be posted shortly.

Final Engineering and Design Report for Knife Cutter-Bayonet for Land Warfare Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving GroundsPHOTO  This publication's date is May 10, 1974 and it covers 7 different designs of experimental wire cutter bayonets produced on government contract by Benhof, Inc.  The report was drawn up for Aberdeen Proving Grounds, but most were not distributed. The bayonets were produced only in prototype quantities and the report was released on a surplus sale circa 1985/86.  I was high bidder at Aberdeen and got about 300 copies of this report and other paperwork. Over the years I sold several to serious collectors and about 6/7 years ago one of them reprinted it for resale.  These are original copies from Aberdeen and contain much better photos than the recent reprints. Since they are 35 years old the staples may be rusted, but the pages, text, and photos are perfect. The report goes into the different designs, scabbard alterations, and even portable blade sharpeners.  Here are two samples of a wide variety of interesting pictures.  PHOTO1   PHOTO2 A great piece of history for M16A1 enthusiasts and/or bayonet/knife collectors.  $8.00 ea (Not for sale:  I also have a small amount of paperwork dealing with the contract and here is some trivia. The contract cost $36,000.00 to design and make the items covered. That was a lot of money in 1974)

Marine Corps TM 05538C-10/1, June 1983.  This is the very first Marine Corps publication covering the M16A2 W/E (With Equipment). This publication does not exist today anywhere. What you will find are later vesions at higher levels, reprinted cheaply overseas.    PHOTO  This original print was reprinted about 10 years ago commercially in Black and White pages.  Once the Army adopted the M16A2 a few years later, the future printings were at a higher level. This original has color pages designed to help individual Marines. Color Pages PHOTO  $20.00 Each

Sniper Item

M164 Telescope Carry Case, fits the M49 Spotting Scope. Vietnam era, this case has the original fabric strap, both locks work, and other than some rust on the buckle and a few digs into the thick, heavy plastic, is overall highly serviceable. Example in this photo  PHOTO  Inquire by email.

Bayonet Scabbards and Related Items

Digging through a building I have found several M8A1 Scabbards. These are original scabbards that were standard issue from WWII through the mid 1950's. None have the protective metal tip which was added circa 1956-59. This batch was released at Pueblo Army Depot circa 1967. They were released after receiving a large quantity of the later version with protective metal tips. If you have an M4, M5, or M5A1, M6 or M7 Bayonet that needs an original scabbard, these are available. None of these have the plastic injection molded body used on the fakes. All US GI M8A1's have fiberglass bodies.      PHOTO OF TWO DIFFERENT FAKES

 The scabbards are available in three varieties:

Repainted, marked either M8 or M8A1, our choice. These may have some dust and dirt from storage. Just before the Vietnam build up, many units spray painted their scabbards to prevent rust from building up on the metallic hanger. It was a lot easier to paint the entire body than just the hanger.  Photo REPAINTED. This is ideal for a non collector. Some of the paint may be worn, uneven, or faded.  SOLD OUT For better quality, see below.

(M8 Scabbards were made for the M3 knife during WWII.  The M8's were altered to M8A1 in the 1950's to fit the M4, M5 and M5A1 Bayonets.)

Repainted, marked either M8 or M8A1, our choice. These may have some dust and dirt from storage. These are a better grade, which will be described as CHOICE. The paint looks a lot better and the scabbards have a much nicer overall appearance. Photo CHOICE  $35.00 each.

WWII Manufactured Bayonet Grips Screws, Ordnance Part Number A152731. Most advanced bayonet collectors have a wide variety of makers and markings, but almost all are lacking the spare parts which were part of each contract. Here is a very limited chance for the advanced collector to fill part of that vacancy. Each package contains 12 grips screws for the M1 and M1905 bayonet. These are original WWII production from American Fork and Hoe. PHOTO  There are currently reproductions selling on the market for $5.00 per screw. I will sell these originals, sealed in the WWII package for the same price per screw, or $60.00 per sealed pack.  A bargain to say the least. I have about 8 packs left.  SOLD OUT

M5 and M5A1 (M1 Rifle) and M6 (M14 Rifle) Bayonet Grips.  These are not the batch made years ago in South Korea.  They were being sold for $5.00 a set and many purchased them. Mostly all on the internet are these fakes.  I got many left grips on bid many years ago.  Here is the 1966 contracted left grips I received.  PHOTO  Here is the 1967 batch of left grips. PHOTO   Here is the 1964 batch for the right grips.  PHOTO  As of now I have only a few right grips because I did not have as many as the left grips.   Here is the markings on the left grips. PHOTO  Here are the markings on the right grips. PHOTO  Each different marking is a different contract.  I have many left grips, not many right grips.  Here are the grips.  PHOTO

A set of both right and left is $25.00.  If you want just a left grip, it is $12.00.  I will not sell the right grip alone.  When you see all that stuff online, ask them to send you a picture of the military contract.  When that company has them and no contract, or packaging, they are fakes. You will find that it almost all the grips offered was from South Korea.   

M1 Grips for WWII Garand and 03/03A3 Bayonets.  The left grips were packed in 1964, brand new items. On top of the package is a right grip for pictures.  PHOTO  Both the left and right have some parkings and some have no markings.    PHOTO   This picture will show you the outside of the grips from two different contracts.  PHOTO    Again this stuff is not junk made in India or South Korea.  A set of original grips is $30.00. 

Here is another set of grips.  I bought out a guy around 1992 or 93, who worked with original bayonets and fixed them.   I do not know for sure that they are original military. PHOTO  They came with a few screws, but not many.  PHOTO  I know they are not the current junk made in India and South America, but they might have been here made back in the 1970's or early 1980's.  A set is $25.00.  If you want the screw, $27.00.  I have just a few I got from him.

Miscellaneous Items

Socket Assembly, 2590-179-5665.  This item I do not know for sure what it is.  One guy who purchased several of them told me it was used on many items, including vehicles, air craft, and even inside work rooms.  He said it is locked down to store ammunition inside it.  It takes .50 cal, .30 cal, and any other small ammunition.  I have very few left, only about 8 or 10.  PHOTO   If you look online all of the ones are different types made overseas.  There are none of these anywhere.  $25.00 each, new in the wrap from 1971.  Shipping will be about $8.00 or more due to its size.

Resuscitation Tube, Chemical-Biological Mask M1. Today the M1 Mask is not around in the military.  It was a lot earlier than the M13A2 or the M40A1.  This small batch I got with other items on bid circa 1991-93.   This picture shows it next to it's contract.  I always over right the contacts because the fakers on line download the picture and show it when selling their fakes. PHOTO  Here is a closer picture of the contract. PHOTO  If you have the M1 Biological Mask, this is a great item to have.  It will not cost much either.  $15.00 each.

Marine Corp Legging Laces, Khaki.  Fits WWII and 1960's USMC Leggings.  These are ideal for re-enactors and Marine Collectors. Here is a picture of the laces.  This one was folded in half and tapped to a while piece of paper so the picture could be made.   PHOTO This batch was a Marine contract in 1966. PHOTO  These laces are 36 inches long and have a plastic tip on one side for the legging.  PHOTO  Each set of two is inside a package of 50 sets of two shown here. PHOTO  These are great for re-enactors and Marine Collectors.  Two are needed for each legging.  A set of two for $10.00.  There is a less price for those that want a larger amount.   10 sets or more are $8.00 per set. This is all real stuff.  If you go online and see all the leggings, most of them are fakes from India.  Ask them to send you a copy of the Marine contract that the brand new stuff is packaged inside.  When you see brand new stuff with no packaging, 99% of the time it is a fake.

US GI Helmet (Steel Pot only),  PHOTO for Airborne use only. (Jump Helmet) In the mid to late 1980's I received a large government bid of steel pots, lacking the attaching straps. The pots were all nested together, so there are internal and external scratches, but they are brand new, never issued.  The batch consisted of a small quantity of Airborne Steel Pots, with airborne straps, which were never assembled. The Airborne Steel Pots have the proper straps with snap fasteners for securing the steel pots to the inside of the airborne helmet liners. This method prevents the prop blast during a parachute jump from separating the liner and steel pot, which locks the helmet onto the head . The straps also have the quick release parts needed for combat use. PHOTO These were in the process of being assembled, but once the army adopted the current Kevlar series of helmets, these were released as surplus. Check the internet and you will find people reproducing everything involved in vintage US helmets. These are original production, not fakes.    Steel Pot with Airborne Fittings $75.00 plus $12-$15.00 shipping, depending upon location.

US GI Republic of Vietnam Indigenous Forces Pouch. Produced in several different designs, this one has carrying capability for 1 fragmentation grenade and several AK or SMG magazines. The pouch in unmarked with US markings, but some of the fasteners may have commercial trade marks. Issued circa 1963/64 to Special Forces and Montenyard troops.  $25.00 each  PHOTO

Vietnam Era US Special Forces 50 Cap Portable Hand Held Blasting Machine, M34, Federal Stock Number 1375-567-0223.  This is a great collectible from the Vietnam Era. This water proof machine could detonate 50 caps at ¼ mile. Issue to the Special Forces, these are not easily found.  The generator arm locks in place when not in use. This machine stores the energy until the maximum is reached, then the energy is released.  This prevents partial detonations. This one was released at Rock Island Arsenal about 7 years ago. Bottom mark (not visible) indicates it was rated at 200 volts. Inquire by email  PHOTO  

Demolition Tape, US Army Engineer Branch.  Dual spool tape was used to calculate the amount of explosives needed for each type of charge. This item was in high use during the war in Vietnam.  PHOTO  $25.00 each

Blasting Cap Crimping Pliers, early production, black finish. Used for crimping non electric blasting caps to detonating cord. One side is pointed, for creating a cavity in composition C4. The other end has a general purpose screwdriver. Marked KAL USA. PHOTO   $20.00

Blasting Cap Crimping Pliers, Vietnam Era Production, cadmium plated. Produced in Japan for American forces in South East Asia.  Marked KAL, Japan.  Slightly different configuration than above tool, but retains the same features.  Has slight corrosion from storage.  PHOTO $15.00 each

1941 Johnson Rifle Hammer Block Pin. These pins have never been on the market in quantity due to their failure rate. The pin's spring steel lock is pulled upward during removal. Eventually the spring fails and breaks from the body. PHOTO  Johnson caught on to the problem and produced a later pin with a lifter head to prevent the breakage. PHOTO  Both types are new, original Johnson Automatics production, and have their original finish, which is blackish blue.  $50.00 either one. Have just a few of each.

Holster, Pistol, M9, Left Handed, Part Number 99A-lH-P, NSN Number 1095-01-212-0200.  Original US GI left handed leather hip holster for carrying the M9 Pistol. Holster is a dull black finish and was contracted by Cathey Enterprises, a well known government contractor of high quality items. Holster is re-enforced with an internal steel liner to prevent distortion of the leather.  Overall condition is approximately 95%, or almost new. If you are that 11% of the population that is left handed and own an M9, this holster is for you.   PHOTO  $35.00 plus shipping.  (Original government cost was close to $90.00). 

WWII Army Air Force Electric Shoe Inserts.  These inserts were used only by the Machine Gun Shooters in the Bombers like the B17s and B24s and others.  This is not the late versions you will see on the internet.  These are much earlier and much harder to find.  They are scarce.  Both left and right shoes had one of these.  PHOTO   This one has the information on it.  PHOTO  This shows the information. PHOTO  These were worn only during Flying.  This set of both right and left are in original contract containers.  I have a few from General Electric and one or two from another company from Pennsylvania.  I got these on bid here is Pennsylvania in the late 1980's.  I cannot guarantee which maker is left because there is only a few left. Here is the General Electric. PHOTO    $125.00 plus shipping. 

I have only a few of the US Armory Artillery Fuze Setter, M28, Vietnam Era.   PHOTO  They are originals, like new, in the original package. PHOTO  Very Collectible to former Artillery Men.  All the ones I have seen online are foreign made.  Originals, like these, were selling much higher in the early 2002 thru 2004, but I want them to be available to former Artillery Men.   $95.00 each

Light Instrument, XM-52.  I do not know for sure which items this works with.  Some have said it is for Artillery, others have said it is for M24 Tripod.  I do not know for sure.  This is not the common M52, or M52E1.  This is the early version marked XM-52, which means it was experimental before it is produced in contract.  Here is the experimental item:   PHOTO  I got this batch of 6 on bid around 1993.  Notice some of the packages are from 4-67 and others are from 8-85. These are the dates they were packed up for storage.  They were probably produced sometime in the early 1960's, but I cannot be sure.  The batch from 1967 have a number of 1240-691-5534.  The batch from 1985 have a number of 1290-00-691-5534.  The 1240 was changed to 1290. The 00 were required to be added onto the numbers after the early 1970's.  Anyway the number 6915534 is the same, but is different from the later M52, or M52E1.  All of these items are brand new, never used.  PHOTO  These items are collectiable to those who worked with or near them.  $35.00 each.   

Rubber Cushions, made for the Artillery.  I had some information on what were back in the 1980's but the paper is gone.  It was made in 1953 and released on bid circa 1987.  Back then a fellow who worked for helping and repairing houses purchased a lot of these from me.  I do not know what he used them for.  The cushion is 5&1/2 inches wide and 1&1/2 inches with slot. PHOTO  The package shows the maker in 1953.  It is great quality as I was told by that buyer.  PHOTO  I am selling them cheap as these are not that overseas junk being sold on the internet.  They are just $3.00 each for those who know what to do with them inside a house.  Purchase 10 or more and they go down to $2.25 each. 


Museum Quality Desktop Award

Available for an advanced collector is a desktop award to Rock Island Arsenal.  The item was purchased many years ago, even though there is a small wood damage in the lower right hand corner.  The pictures are hard to edit because all of the metal stampings reflect lots of everything.  This is the desktop award:  PHOTO  The award was created due to 55,000,000 perfect production of M48A3 Artillery Fuzes; awarded to US Army Armament Command with Rock Island Arsenal listed on the bottom.  PHOTO  One Available.  Contact by email for price and availability.

Mills Enlisted Man's Belt Hanger Model 1910

Produced by the Mills Belt Company, Worcester, Mass., which was once known as the Mills Woven Cartridge Belt Company. The Mills catalog lists it as the No. 621 Mills Woven Slide. The slide was issued with the Army Garrison Belt. It was woven fabric with eyelets at the bottom for attaching items with the M1910 Wire Hook. The most common application was using it to secure the M1905 Bayonet. This hanger is darker than Khaki, but lighter than WWII OD.  Due to florescent lighting, these images appear darker than they actually are.

There were two types of hangers. Type I was a solid back. Type II eliminated the solid webbing on the back and used two strips of fabric.

Some hangers had the Mills Trademark.  Here is a sample of the trademark from a Mint hanger which remains in my reference collection.  SAMPLE   Very few hangers exist today like this one, so please do not go by this sample.

As trying to describe markings can be very subjective, I have decided to use pictures. If in doubt, please look at the associated image.

All hangers are subject to prior sale.

Click on the underlined Unit Markings for a view of each hanger.

Type II Hangers


Unit Markings


Number 1 Not Visible Yes $40.00
Number 2 Not Visible Yes $40.00
Number 3 Visible Yes SOLD
Number 4 Not Visible Yes $35.00
Number 5 Slightly Visible Yes $40.00
Number 6 Slightly Visible Yes SOLD
Number 7 Not Visible Yes $35.00
Number 8 Slightly Visible Yes $35.00
Number 9

Not Visible

Yes $40.00
Number 10 Slightly Visible Yes $40.00
Number 11 Slightly Visible Yes SOLD
Number 12 Slightly Visible Yes $50.00
Number 13 Not Visible Not Readable $35.00
Number 14

Slightly Visible

Not Readable


Number 15

Very Visible




Type I Hangers Trademark Unit Markings Price

Civil War Times 

Available is one set of Civil War Times, Vols 1 through 8, from the very first issue of April of 1962 to February of 1970. Set is in exceptionally good condition. This publication started printing in April and ended in February.  There never were any issues printed in the months of March or September, resulting in 10 vols. each year.

Many individuals are trying to complete sets, only to be constantly disappointed in the unavailability of the older issues. All 80 issues are available at $200.00  ($2.50 per issue), plus shipping. Packed weight is approximately 30 lbs and will be shipped UPS, insured.  THESE ARE NOT REPRINTS.

ol I  April 62 thru Feb 63

Issues 1 through 10

Vol II April 63 thru Feb 64

Issues 1 through 10

Vol III  April 64 thru Feb 65

Issues 1 through 10

Vol IV  April 65 thru Feb 66

Issues 1 through 10

Vol V  April 66 thru Feb 67

Issues 1 through 10

Vol VI  April 67 thru Feb 68

Issues 1 through 10

Vol VII April 68 thru Feb 69

Issues 1 through 10

Vol VIII April 69 thru Feb 70

Issues 1 through 10

610-298-2748 Phone 
Fax 484 229-1119

Hours:  Monday through Thursday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm  Eastern Time Zone. 
All inquiries must be by phone or email. Sorry but I do not have time to answer letters or faxed inquiries.

To contact me via email


Minimum Order is $20.00
in Merchandise. Checks, Money Orders, and Credit Cards accepted methods of payment.  I am not set up for Paypal. I have my own Credit Card Clearance Account.

Shipping Charges:

Minimum $7.50
$23.00 - $29.99...$8.00
$30.00 - $39.99...$9.00
$40.00 - $49.99...$10.00
$50.00 or higher $11.00
Alaska and Hawaii higher rates may apply/
Pennsylvania residents must include 6% State Sales Tax.



Every item sold is guaranteed to function as originally designed.  Items purchased which do not function as originally designed, will be replaced at no charge to the customer.  Items purchased for uses different than they were originally designed, will void the guarantee, and those sales are final.  Returned items must be in the same condition as when shipped and any alteration will void our guarantee. Call or email if in doubt, we are here to help.

Items purchased and then returned due to customer error will result in a restocking charge of 25%. 
In the event that item brings the total purchase below our minimum order, a $5.00 charge will be applied to the credit due.  Items returned for replacement due to customer error may result in addition shipping charges.

Sorry but I cannot sell parts based upon color requests.  Nobody on the internet can match their parts with your rifle, which is hundreds of miles away.  Ask and it will be recommended you attend a gun show with those items you want to match and compare them with what is available for sale.

All items for return must be tendered to the returning carrier within one week of receipt by customer.  We recommend high value items be returned via UPS to our return address on the shipping label.

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