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Welcome to my page of Histories and Research Projects. As more are researched and published, they will be added. Experience has shown that when one reads a history, many questions are generated. Please reserve your questions to email only. Any other format cannot be answered.  The purpose of these projects is to help spread the knowledge and entertain. Please do not email me asking how much something is worth. Those questions cannot be answered. There are too many variables, like how it is sold (Auction, Gun Show, Message Board) and regional effects to know what somebody is willing to pay. Also please note that most Identification subjects will not reveal all characteristics.  Some information will not be given out. This is to prevent the scam artists from changing their reproductions and correcting the improper traits. As time goes on the reproductions are getting better and better.  One day there will be and endless supply of "Original WWII GI....",  you name it.


Do to a Website Collapse, some of these pages are being rebuilt.

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US M3 Flash Hider Development for US Carbine


History: US M3A1 Combination Tool WWII

History: US M3A1 Combination Tool Post War

Garand 7.62mm Barrel Gas Port Sizes

US GI Small Arms Storage Racks

US Double Size Training Aids

History: US Recoiling Grenade Launchers

Research: Last Generation of Gren. Launchers

Project: Evolution of Ordnance Drawing Numbers

History of PS Magazine

Project:  Gas Cylinder Locks, M1 Rifle

Project: Gas Cylinder Lock Screws, M1 Rifle

Project: Contractors Who made What, When

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US Experimental Fiberglas Stocks

US Carbine 30 Round Magazine Pouch

US M14 Experimental Magazines

Myths: Clearing up Those Misconceptions

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M15 Grenade Launcher Sights
M10 Cleaning Rod-Short History and How Identify Fakes  




All inquiries regarding these histories or projects must be by email.

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