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PS The Preventative Maintenance Monthly CD

No Minimum Order Required on CD's

PS CD Set Number 1 - The images in this set cover every mention of the following subjects: M1 Rifle, M1 Carbine, M1911A1 Pistol, M14 Rifle, .22 Caliber Target Rifles, Riot Shotguns, Rifle Grenade Launching and Associated Items, Ordnance Tools, Small Arms Ammunition, Small Arms Tools, Bayonets and Scabbards, Small Arms Cleaning Equipment, Small Arms Storage Racks, Ordnance Doctrine Issues, and Cleaners, Preservatives and Lubricants for Small Arms. Certain images have been left out because they applied to different weapons. Examples include articles covering the M10 Cleaning Rod (M1 Rifle) when used in support of the M60 Machine Gun. Other examples are the various articles dealing with linked ammunition. Images like those will be included in the appropriate sets of the future. Articles covered in this series are from 1951 through 1973. No matter how minute the reference may be, it has been captured here.

The set also includes many "Be Your Own Inspector" and Joe's Dope articles, some which are classics. 

Covered also are some battle scenes that deal with the dangers of non-functioning equipment in combat. These images were very effective teaching tools; often showing disastrous results like dead GI’s.  You can spend many enjoyable hours reading the rich history contained on this disc. Contains 365 images, all in their original full color. Future sets covering different weapons will be available sometime in the future.

Each CD comes in a protective jewel case with a descriptive label and a spine label.  CD is shipped in a heavily padded envelope to insure safe arrival.

PS CD Set Number 1...................................................... $12.00 plus $2.95 First Class Mail

Save shipping on 2 CD's ................................................  $3.60 First Class Mail

3 or more CD's...........................................................   $5.20Priority Mail

Pennsylvania residents:  6% sales tax added.

For a brief history on PS Magazine, Click Here.

I also have a small number of duplicate issues for sale.  CLICK HERE

What Customers Have to Say


Author Bruce Canfield

“The “PS” CD is a fascinating glimpse into the history of the care and maintenance of U.S. military small arms of the 1950-1970 era.  It is most interesting, and sometime amusing, to see the format of various articles and bulletins designed to relate important information to soldiers.  It is sometimes forgotten that many of the recruits and draftees of this era were in their late teens and the Army found it advantageous to put such material in a format that was, to use today’s vernacular, “user friendly.”   The inclusion of shapely young ladies in many of the pieces was not by accident. This would have obviously attracted the attention of any red-bloodied American young man to read the material when he wouldn’t have given a second look at the average Technical or Field Manual of the day! Some of the subtle double entendres are worth a chuckle or two.

This CD is a “must have” for anyone interested in U.S. military weapons.  Bill Ricca is to be commended for preserving this material in a readily accessible form.  Be forewarned, however, once you start looking at the material, you’ll find it hard to stop!”

Bruce N. Canfield”

"I enjoyed the CD. The CD allowed me to get rid of many pages of material that I had downloaded from the internet.  The material is now all in one location and much more readable than the scans I had downloaded". LM, Northport, Al.

"Mr.Ricca, I received my PS magazine CD Saturday, I was up half the night looking at it. Great stuff, almost reminds me of Popular Mechanics magazine when I was a kid back in the fifties with the cartoons and little helpful hints tips. Thanks". JB, Paris, Ill.

"The CD helped me relive my time as a company armorer. It brings back a lot of memories from the sixties". DJ, Geneva, Ks.

"Just a warning Bill. Don't come anywhere near Pueblo. Instead of spending time with my wife, the CD monopolized all my attention. My wife sends this warning." TR, Pueblo, Colo.

"The CD's tips helped me. It showed me the proper way to remove the M14 Chamber Brush. It makes sense, but who would have thought of the leverage method. Great tips for us new guys. Thanks for offering it." LR, Flagstaff, Az.

Resale plan with a good margin is available for dealers.  A custom label is available on the jewel case with your business name and address.  Email me for details.



William J. Ricca
PO Box 25
New Tripoli, Pa. 18066-0025
610-298-2748 Phone
484-229-1119 Fax
To email me.....  CLICK HERE


Watch for future sets.

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