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Since the first issue was published in June of 1951, this monthly publication has left a lasting impression on many. Today it is known by it shortened nickname "PS Magazine". For a short history on the publication, CLICK HERE. Depending upon your internet settings you may have to use the browser's back button to return.

Almost all the articles printed in this monthly publication had multi color comic illustrations driving home the point.  The publications listed here are from the time period of bright colored ink and have hand drawn illustrations by Will Eisner. After the 1980's the colors became dull and the appearance suffered. If you did not read the article in the above link, the golden age of PS Magazine is considered to be the years of 1957 through 1976. 

Based on your requests I have decided to offer some duplicate PS Magazines for sale. As most of you may need only a few issues, I have decided to keep shipping and handling charges to a minimum. This shipping and handling applies to this page only. You can always add any PS Magazine to anything else on this site to save shipping. Prices shown are without insurance. Postal insurance is between $1.30 and $3.30 per package. If you want postal insurance please tell me. Otherwise I will assume you would rather not incur the additional expense and are willing to accept the risk of loss.

Shipping for PS Magazines is as follows:

1 Issue....................................First Class Mail @ $2.80
2 Issues..................................First Class Mail @ $3.60
3 Issues..................................First Class Mail @ $5.20
4 or more issues....................Priority Mail @ $6.00

Any order for PS Magazines valued at $75.00 or more will be shipped UPS, insured for $8.00, or shipped with other site items.

The issues below are listed by year. Any PS Magazine may have a single hole punched into it. This was usually done in the motor pool area to suspend the current issue on a nail. Others may have three holes punched in the side. This was usually done by a unit armorer or at a direct support maintenance facility for mounting in a loose leaf binder. Some issues may have these holes, but the majority do not. If the presence of mounting holes are a problem, please let me before ordering. I will confirm whether holes are present or not. Thanks for your interest.

All items below are subject to prior sale.  Due to a very busy business climate, updating this page will not be done on a regular basis. You can email for availability.

1970  Most issues have 65 pages.

#217 - December issue, covers M37B1 2 1/2 ton truck. Has "Be Your Own Inspector" for the M102 Howitzer.  $15.00

#216 - Covers the 1911A1 Pistol and the three safeties. Also has information on the M715 1 1/4 ton truck. $15.00

#215 - Has four pages of tips and instructions on the AN/PVS-1 and -2 Starlight Scopes. A good article on defective 50 caliber breech locks. $20.00

#212 - Has a few pages on optics, including good information on cleaning binoculars. $15.00

#211 - Covers M16, M79, White Phosphorus Grenades, and a great article on the M60 MG trigger group retaining spring. $20.00

#210 - Great issue.  Contains "Be Your Own Inspector" for the M79 Grenade Launcher. $20.00

#209 - Covers mountain climbing snap links (pitons), M16A1 rifle, and protective masks. $15.00

#208 - Covers the contents to a small arms tools kit and has coverage of shooting the 37mm ammunition in the M79 GL.  $20.00

#206 -  80 pages, has coverage of which batteries fit which radios, and the testing of communication equipment batteries. Has the Julian Calendar for 1970.  $20.00

1969  Most issues have 65 pages.

#205 - Helicopter mounted mini guns and grenade launchers. 1/4 and 1 1/4 ton trucks.    $15.00

#204 - Cold weather tips for M14, M79 Grenade Launchers, M16A1 Rifles. Covers winter triggers and safeties, and Lubricant, Artic Weapons, known as LAW. Covers M79 GL sights.   $15.00

#203 - Covers AN/PVS-1 and-2, 1/4 ton jeep mounted xenon lights and mounting antennas. Field Stoves and dry batteries in radios. $15.00

#202 - Larger than most issues, this one is 80 pages. Has over 20 pages of storage and care of ammunition. This issues has the Cleaners, Lubricants, Preservatives chart. This classic chart lists everything used for small arms. Has several pages on the M16, and covers production burrs on M14 trigger housings. Several pages on the 1 1/4 ton truck and mounting the GRC-46. $20.00

#201 - Covers M60 and M37 Machine Guns. Has reference to the rare M60 side bracket, an early device that used a zippered canvas magazine to hold the ammunition belt.  Has two pages on the First Aid Combat Pouch, Carlisle Bandage and burn pack. Announces the new carrier for the M2 Compass. Has one page on the AN/TVS-2 night vision sight mounted on the M2 HB.  $20.00

#200 - Covers the M73 Tank Mounted Machine Gun. Has a few pages on hand signals for helicopter landings. Has 10 pages of great information on pneumatic tires and how to prevent problems with them in combat. Has a short subject on field transportation of liquids, hot and cold, in "Mermac Cans", used in the mess hall. Has two pages on entrenching tools and carriers. $15.00

#199 - Covers the M16A1 in three pages of information. Has three pages of great information on parachutes and their care. Has a full chapter on the AN/PRT-4 helmet mounted squad radio and the AN/PRR-9 receiver. Has one hole and a few minor stains on the edges of the last few pages.  $20.00

#198 - Covers the 1911A1 Pistol in two pages. Has one page on the M16A1. Has a few pages on the mini gun mounted in the Loach helicopter. The middle page of the centerfold has separated from the staple, but is in full color and in great condition. $15.00

#197 - Another 80 page behemoth. Covers oil filters for the M151 1/4 ton jeep. Has a page on the M14 Rifle and one on the M26 and M26A1 fragmentation grenade, and M30 practice grenade. Has about six pages on the M2 .50 Caliber Browning Machine Gun.  $20.00

#196 - Has about four pages on the M16A1. Has a page on Flight Crew Helmets. Joe's Dope, the centerfold section has a neat article on shoot out gun tubes. Issue has one hole. $20.00

#195 - Issue has main weapon emphasis on the two Self Propelled Howitzer systems, the M109 and M110.  $15.00

#194 - Has 5 pages of M60 lubrication requirements and explains why. Has a full page on proper adjustment of the M14 E2 (M14A1) sling.  Has a great section on the VRC-12, the radio set for the 1/4 ton jeep. Has two pages on immersion heaters used in the field for cleaning mess kits. $15.00

1968  Most issues have 65 pages. Due to numbering errors there appears to be two months of December.

#193 - December of 1968 issue. Covers blackening M16 sights and firing tracer ammunition. Has nine pages of instructions on cleaning and assembling the M17 and M17A1 Protective Masks (Gas Masks). Goes into the hoods and decontamination kits too.  A large article (13 pages) on the M151 1/4 ton truck. 80 pgs $20.00

#192 - Covers PRC 25 and 77 radios. Has an article on bore cleaner. Also covers the Polan and Varo metascopes. $20.00

#191 - Covers the dual Rifle Rack for the M16 and the M79 GL's. Covers the barrel stabilizer for the M14E2 (M14A1). Has a great section on the M16A1 and combat in humid climates. Has a combat tip for users of the Starlight Scope.  SOLD

#190 - Covers the Rifle Bracket for mounting the M14 and M16 inside the 1/4 ton trucks. Has safety tips on the M25A1 and M25A2 "Baseball" Grenades. Covers brackets used on the M37 Dodge 3/4 ton trucks. Cover is attached on bottom half.  $15.00

#189 - Two pages of M14 information on the operating rod guide, operating spring guide, piston, and firing pins. Has eighty pages. Information on the PRC-49, the antenna base AB-15, and various other radio sets. Has a chart comparing the characteristics of all the machine guns in inventory. $20.00

#188 - Has three pages of M16A1 information. Deals with lead acid batteries. $15.00

#187 - Has two pages covering the SDU-5/E Survival Strobe Light. Here is the classic 13 page article "Be Your Own Inspector" for the M37 Dodge 3/4 Ton Truck. Has pages on the M14, M16, and M77E Shotgun.  $35.00

#186 - Covers M60, M60A1, and M48 Tanks, M102 and M110 Howitzers. Covers problems with the Starlight Scope mounted on the M16. Also covers the AN/VRC-12 Radio. Cover is taped. $15.00

#185 - Covers the M151 1/4 Ton Truck, the M37 3/4 Ton Truck, and lots of commo equipment. This issue was before the women libs came on the scene. One page has Connie Rod dressed up like a maid, using a vacuum cleaner. $15.00

#184 - Has two good pages of tips on the M14 Rifle. Has a good article on the two different stocks for the M79 GL. Has instructions for mounting the M26 Fragmentation Grenades on the Universal Pouch. Has pictures of all the tools in Tool Kit, Automotive Maintenance, Organizational Maintenance, Common Set No. 2.  $20.00

#183 - Has a short article on the various transistorized Mine Detectors. Also has a two page article covering optical equipment, including binoculars. $15.00

#182 - Another December issue, this one was supposed to be marked Dec of 67. Has tips on soldering, covers a map reproduction kit, and a nice calendar for 1968 showing the Julian Dates. Like many other issues this one covers the various Armored Personnel Carriers. The only small arms covered in this issue is the M2 HB BMG. $15.00

1967  All issues have 65 pages.

#181 - Covers disassembly and assembly of the M16 magazine and bolt system. Lots of communications equipment and aircraft.  The Piper Seminole and Huey are included. Shows the different types of helmet liners and nape supports used. Covers repainting helmet liners. $15.00

#180 - Covers 3 pages of M16 lubrication. Announces the later buffer assembly and bird cage flash hider. Shows proper testing of the PRC-6 unit lever radio. $20.00

#179 - Cover recapping tires. The only small arms in this issue is the mini gun system on the helicopters. Has a comical warning about getting decapitated by helicopter blades and C-130 props.  Contains a great article on M151 and M151A1 errors on Identification Plates and how to tell them apart by the Vehicle Registration Numbers. $20.00

#178 - Great article on the proper way to insert linked ammunition into all the various machine guns.  Has a short article on the operation of the trigger group of the M79. Has some M60 Machine Gun information. Covers large scale inspection for the 5 Ton Truck of the G744 series. $15.00

#177 - Contains the "Be Your Own Inspector" for the Redeye intercept-aerial guided missile system. This was the first ground to air launcher fielded by US Forces. Has some bent pages. and a few sticker tabs.  $12.00                   

#176 - Contains an in-depth article (12 pages) on the M20 Trailer and the M45C Mount, known as the Quad Fifty. AN/VRC-12 and PRC-6 round out the communication subjects covered. $35.00

#175 - Covers the M14 Rifle and various extraction problems. Has a great article on mildew and canvas.  Covers canvas repairs, replacing zippers and cleaning canvas. SOLD

#174 - This is one of the issues that has become a classic. It announces the XM177E1 Sub Machine Gun, referred to as "Shorty", with the collapsible stock, short barrel and silencer. It announces other improvements, like the improved firing pin retainer and a host of others. It shows the recently developed chamber brush for the M16. Connie Rod, dressed in a Special Forces beret and jungle fatigues, discusses the XM148 Grenade Launcher mounted underneath the XM16E1. Joe's Dope centerfold is set in the Vietnam theatre of operations, as are all other subjects. Rice paddies, straw villages, and jungle are make up this colorful background.  Known as the "Entire Vietnam Issue", this one is a classic. $45.00

#173 - Covers stream and river crossing with the XM16E1 (early M16A1).  It goes into the PRC-6, 8, 10, and 25, all which were low level infantry radios. Shows improved screws for the Starlight Scopes and optical lenses for the M17 protective mask. SOLD

#172 - Has a three page article on the M60 Machine Gun. Devotes an entire page to the proper loading of the 20 round M16 magazine. It continues on to the M60D used in the Huey helicopter. Many pages of great information on mounts, spade grips, and sights used on the aircraft version. $20.00

#171 - Has an nice article on the M151A1C, the 1/4 ton truck used to carry the 106mm Recoilless Rifle. Has several references to aircraft and truck maintenance. $15.00

1966  All issues have 65 pages.

#169 - Christmas issue, covers tightening the gas system of the M14 Rifle. Also has a chart on updated small arms bore cleaners, lubricants and preservatives authorized for use. Has information on the M122 tripod being used in Vietnam. $15.00

#168 - Another classic. Contains 16 pages of "Be Your Own Inspector" covering the Caliber .50 Browning Machine Gun, M2 Heavy Barrel. $35.00

#166 - Announces the newest cleaning equipment for the XM16E1, consisting of the XM11E1 Cleaning Rod, Chamber Brush, and late Bore Brush. It also authorizes the M14 oiler to be used with the M16. Has information on the 90mm Recoilless Rifle sub-caliber device. SOLD

#165 - Covers the AN/VRC-12 radio set and a large article on the Caliber .50 BMG. $15.00

#164 - Issue covers portable generators. This one has the "Be Your Own Inspector" article for all generators.  $15.00

#163 - Great information for the M151 buff. The early M151's had Holly carburetors. The M151A1's had Zenith. Interchanging was a problem. How to accommodate a different brand. $15.00

#162 - Has two pages filled with M14 Rifle information on the gas system and cleaning with water. Also shows all the Blank Firing Attachments and which weapons they are used with. SOLD

#161 - Addresses sanding of the M14 stock. Two pages of different bolt parts for the .50 BMG and the lack of interchangeability. Important information on the M60 Machine Gun and modified receivers. $20.00

#160 - This same cover was used for the M16 "Comic Book", printed in June of 1968. Covers the M14's Flash Suppressor, lock nut and wrench. SOLD

#159 - Covers the M37 3/4 ton truck, the M151 and M151A1 1/4 ton trucks.  $20.00

#158 - Covers ear plugs and carrier. Has an article on the 1/4 ton truck and the use of the 1/4 ton trailer. $20.00


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